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Anti-Trump Veteran Deliberately Run Down With A Truck On Election Day (VIDEO)

Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge recipient Steven Hewett was intentionally struck by a truck on election day by Trump supporters. The Afghanistan war veteran was holding a “Veterans Against Trump” sign when the vehicle deliberately hit him in King, North Carolina.

Hewett remained calm and videotaped the incident then uploaded the footage on .

“You just hit me,” Hewett told the driver. “You just hit me.”

“What branch of the military were you in?” the driver asked Hewett.

“You just hit me, partner,” said Hewett. “Not only that, it’s on video. You just hang tight, the police are coming.”

The Trump supporters sped away :

The two Trump supporters fled the scene, but Hewett was able to get their license plate number and provide it to police.

Luckily, the anti-Trump protesting veteran got the license plate number of the vehicle.


Police Chief Paula May told , “We are investigating a reported hit and run that occurred at the American Legion voting site in King this morning. We are actively investigating the incident, and no further information will be released until the investigation is concluded or charges have been filed.”

In the comment thread under the video, Hewett that he spoke to the police, “Just got off the phone with the Chief, charges coming will be careless and reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon.”

The man who intentionally struck Hewett was wearing military veteran gear. Trump has called for unity after running one of the most hate-fueled campaigns most of us have ever witnessed. Racial attacks on minorities ensued across the country immediately after his victory. Children are attacking children with racial slurs and they learned that language from their Trump supporting parents.

Today is Veterans Day and on election day, an Afghanistan war veteran was assaulted on American soil.


Featured image via video screen capture