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Anti-Muslim Video Produced By Trump’s Latest Spokesman Is Uncovered And It’s A Doozy (VIDEO)

Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s aides, recently made a lot of news by insisting that anyone who’s been paying attention in New Hampshire knows that people were bused in from Massachusetts for the sole purpose of voting illegally in New Hampshire. He’s also another one of those people that yells at the press in a sorry attempt to put them in their place.

Earlier today, warning that Islamofascism was sweeping the globe. The video comes from Miller’s “Terrorism Awareness Project” – a name that’s carefully crafted to sound benign and fact-based.

Instead, the project spread its own brand of fear and terror with videos designed to horrify. CNN uncovered these videos and traced them back to Miller’s days at Duke University. Back then, he made it clear that the U.S. and the West are at war, and that schools under left-wing ideologies failed students and the U.S. by refusing to educate them on the risks of Islamofascism.

As such, he believed, these schools were actually promoting Islamofascism:

“Gripped by complacency and the omnipresent force of political correctness, our nation has failed to educate our youth about the holy war being waged against us and what needs to be done to defeat the Jihadists that are waging this war,” Miller wrote. “American kids attend school in an educational system corrupted by the hard left. In this upside-down world, America is the villain and Jihadists the victims of our foreign policy. Instead of opening eyes, we are fastening blindfolds.”

The video that CNN and is fear-mongering at its greatest – cherry-picked information presented in an overly dramatic format so as to shock, frighten and horrify. When the media refused to run his ads or his video (likely due to their extreme nature), he went on “Fox & Friends” to complain about it:

“That’s what so insane, is that in today’s environment on college campuses, you can have these professors saying that we fabricated 9/11, you can have people like Samuel Arion teaching, who were indicted for terrorist ties, you can have, like at Duke, we had a conference come to the university where people were actually recruited to interfere against Israeli anti-terror operations. You’ve got this insane stuff happening on our campuses, but you can’t run a simple fact-based ad that talks about the threat of radical Islam.”

What’s threatening now is that his man is one of Trump’s closest advisers, who has actually said that Trump’s national security actions “will not be questioned.”

The video is horrifying indeed, but not for the reasons people like Miller want it to be. It’s horrifying because it’s an inside look into the mind of a paranoid right-wing extremist who leads and educates through the use of fear. And these people are at the center of our government now.

Watch it below (WARNING: Graphic images):

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video