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Ann Coulter’s Slam of Romney Spokesperson Shows Hypocrisy

Ann Coulter, author and conservative political pundit, in an with Fox News Sean Hannity brought down the hammer on presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul.

Responding to a pro-Obama campaign ad about a man’s wife dying because of lack of health care, Saul said to news cameras Tuesday:

“To that point, if people had been in Massachusetts, under Gov. Romney’s healthcare plan, they would have had healthcare.”

Coulter went ballistic, saying:

“Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney, and I mean the big donors, ought to say if Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow, they are not giving another dime, because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has,” Coulter told Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night.

“There’s no point in you doing your show, there’s no point in going to the convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this,” Coulter said. “This ad is the turning point and she has nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! She should be off the campaign.”

Poor Ann, having to put up with a Republican presidential nominee who has been the biggest to date has been tough on her.  On top of that, I wager she has had to bite her tongue numerous times on the air to keep from saying any more negative comments concerning the presidential contender.

The thing about Ann is, she is a true conservative down to the bone — Mitt Romney is not. She knows that, I am certain but she is also trying to be a true Republican by not saying even more than she already has.

Then here comes Ms. Saul and blurts out this truth-telling fact about Mitt Romney’s past as a governor – the very part that Republicans are trying so hard not to pay any attention to. That fact is that Mitt Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts that he signed into law as governor, was a and the brainchild of the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare. That is not a fact people such as Ann Coulter likes to hear about, they would rather bury it under a cloud of dust as they try convincing the public, that Mitt Romney is the conservative we all want and need.

Andrea Saul only told the truth and she was promoting her boss the best she knew how to do and that was to talk about his successes. The problem is, Mitt Romney is representing the small-government party and they do not like anything that is not business promoting, anti-tax, anti-abortion, anti-gay, or pro-gun.

What Andrea Saul did wrong was that she presented the wrong Romney. She somehow forgot that the one she was supposed to represent was the one who did not like health care programs that looked a lot like ObamaCare. In other words, she forgot the “” before she started that interview; now poor Andrea.

The GOP has a conundrum here; their Republican nominee was a moderate to liberal governor who is now claiming to be a conservative. Republicans would like to sweep Romney’s liberal record, especially his signature health care law he signed into law as governor, under the rug. Fortunately, the media and we bloggers will make sure that does not happen.

Why does Ann Coulter have a problem with Romney’s spokesperson lauding the successes he has had in the past? Why is it that Romney and the Republicans are ashamed of Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts? Hypocrisy rears its ugly head in Republican politics yet again I think.

Our nation has a choice this November; they can choose to continue down the path to a slow recovery, or they can choose to follow a man who seems to be ashamed of his own success record as governor.  Moreover, that shame is because the party he represents did not like that success.

I must say, I’m truly convinced Republican voters are extremely motivated this election, if they would hold their noses long enough to pull the voting lever for this guy, one of the most liberal Republican governors I’ve ever heard of.

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