Ana Navarro Goes Ballistic Over Trump’s Racist ‘Sh*thole’ Comments And It’s GLORIOUS (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Ana Navarro Goes Ballistic Over Trump’s Racist ‘Sh*thole’ Comments And It’s GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

The United States of America elected a racist president when the electoral college put Donald Trump in the White House. The orange squatter in the Oval Office proved it once again when, during an immigration policy debate, he said that America did not need people from, quote, “shithole countries” like Haiti and other poor countries where people of color suffering from famine, natural disasters, and other crises who have sought refuge in America are from. On the other hand, Trump is perfectly fine with folks from, say, Norway coming here.

Hmmm….wonder what the difference could be?

Well, this latest controversy of Racist Reality Show White House has caused a media firestorm, and CNN commentator and #NeverTrump Republican Ana Navarro went on television to weigh in as usual. She called it like it is, and of course, Trump supporting moron Jason Miller was there to make a fool of himself once again while trying to . Navarro began:

This country is great and the reason people want to come here is because this country has been built decade after decade from the very start by people fleeing political persecution, by people fleeing ‘shitholes.’ They came from ‘shitholes’ in Africa, and they were shackled to the bowels of ships, and whipped and beaten and auctioned like property. A lot of them are buried in Arlington. Maybe when he was busy dodging the draft to Vietnam, instead of talking about shitholes and being a public, shameless racist, he should take a walk outside the White House and see the names imprinted on the wall and see how many people come from ‘shitholes.’”

Of course, Miller had to chime in and insist that the man he supports isn’t a racist, and instead babbled about immigration rather than actually speak on the subject at hand:

He will get a deal done on DACA. He is trying to get comprehensive immigration reform done in a way that Obama and Bush couldn’t.”

That’s when Navarro went all in, saying that Miller was acting like a “buffoon” as he attempted to defend the indefensible:

You look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying! This is Donald Trump being a racist. I don’t care what you say.”

Of course, Ana Navarro is right. She is saying what everyone needs to say: Donald Trump is racist. His supporters are racist. And, most importantly, the Republican Party, as an institution, is racist. No, not every Republican is a racist. Not even close. But if you’re a racist, especially in the present time, you’re probably a Republican. If not, you’re definitely supporting racism, and hell, outright white supremacy. Own it.

Watch the video of the exchange below:

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