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The Amount Of Taxpayer Money Trump Has Spent On White House Furnishings Is Staggering

There is something that Donald Trump does far better than former President Barack Obama: he spends far more taxpayer dollars on holidays, weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago, and White House furnishings. Since the former reality show star’s Inauguration Day through the end of May, Trump has spent a fuckton of money on furniture for the White House. Hey, even more than some homes cost. As Trump over the Russian probe, he can comfort himself with his lavish surroundings — which we pay for. has a :

From Inauguration Day through the end of May, Trump’s office spent more than twice as much on White House furniture than predecessor Barack Obama did during the same time frame. The analysis was shared with Mic by the progressive American Bridge PAC, which describes itself as a group “committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions.”

Federal procurement records for the Executive Office of the President show that through May 31, Trump spent $133,053.95 on office furnishings versus the $51,204.25 clocked by Obama’s office during his first five months on the job.

That totals about 2.6 times of what Obama spent.

Trump’s office spent $13,000 on a custom conference table from Kittinger Company, Inc. Guess who else ordered a Kittinger conference table? Former President Richard Nixon — but he paid for the table himself.

This tweet would almost be funny if Trump didn’t later become ‘President.’

Trump repeatedly blasted Obama for spending way too much taxpayer money on travel, but that was before Trump was sworn in. In April, CNN estimated that Trump might end up spending more on trips during his first year in office than Obama spent in two full terms.

And then, there’s what Trump calls Mar-a-Lago now: the Winter White House. Trump’s Florida resort is profiting greatly from his alleged presidency. Meanwhile, Melania Trump just moved into the White House but while she resided at Trump Tower, it cost New York City a lot of money.

Nearly $60 million is earmarked for the Secret Service, with most of it going toward protecting Trump while he is traveling and security for Trump Tower in New York City.

And then :

Another roughly $60 million would be set aside in a rare provision to reimburse localities, like New York City and Palm Beach County in Florida, that have incurred “extraordinary law enforcement personnel costs” associated with protecting Mr. Trump’s residences since Election Day.

It’s worth noting that while taxpayers afford Trump a lavish lifestyle, he refuses to release his tax returns.

MAGA? Nah.

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