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AmeriCans but RepubliCan’ts

In the State of the Union, the President announced that Americans can now look ahead with new hope. But can Republicans move past defunding Obamacare, blocking women’s rights and their pipeline obsession?

The Prez said together we can make a new economy with paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage, free higher education, and a fairer tax code. Can the GOP get past tax breaks for the super-rich?

And on the 5th Anniversary of Citizens United, millions of us said we can get big money out of politics. Yet can the recipients of dark, unregulated money say no right-wing billionaires and corporate donors?

We know we’re a great country — and maybe now we have a president ready to fight. Americans will show a can-do spirit, but will The Party of No learn to say yes?

Or will Americans contend with Republican’ts?

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