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Alt-Right Leader Says Trump ‘Didn’t Mean Us,’ Claims He Could’ve Killed Protesters With Bare Hands

Richard Spencer, the of the burgeoning racist movement in America, knows exactly who Donald Trump was talking about his “condemnation” of racism on Monday. And Spencer knows who Trump wasn’t talking about. Speaking to reporters from his office in Virginia, Spencer was very, very clear:

His statement today was more kumbaya nonsense. Only a dumb person would take those lines seriously. It’s just silliness. It’s not serious and I don’t think anyone takes it seriously including the president…I don’t think he condemned [the alt-Right], no. Did he say ‘white nationalist?’ I don’t think he meant any of us.”

Spencer isn’t wrong. Trump’s statement condemned “the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups,” but never mentioned the alt-Right — arguably the largest of all groups that average Americans would call “white supremacists” — by name. That’s with good reason, and it wasn’t lost on the young fascist leader: Mentioning Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon by name, he said that the president’s speechwriter and his chief strategist were “connected to the alt-Right” in ways that other White House staff were not.

But then Spencer took his cavalier response to another level. Not satisfied to simply refuse to condemn the terrorist who murdered Heather Heyer in Trump’s name, Spencer went on the offensive:

I am not going to condemn this young man at this point. My cause has nothing to do with this car.”

Then Spencer said something that made the internet laugh out loud.

Antifa, the anti-fascist group that organizes in opposition to the alt-Right wherever they hold events, was out in full force on Saturday, both protecting protesters as best they could and attacking the Nazi alt-Right groups that were in attendance.

Twitter was quick to remind ol’ Dick who comes out on top when the alt-Right meets Antifa:

The only thing Richard Spencer is killing is fashion designers. A blue blazer and black pants? No wonder this guy’s so angry about color.

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