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Almost A Week Later, Trump Decides What He Wants To Send To Puerto Rico: Insults

After nearly an entire week had passed since Puerto Rico was savaged by Hurricane Maria on the 20th, the Trump administration from Homeland Security and FEMA to the island to assess the damage.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders even had the audacity to call Trump’s tardy emissaries part of an “unprecedented movement” in response to the hurricane. Trump himself has been too busy to attend to the devastation. NFL players have been kneeling during the national anthem, after all.

But Trump did finally turn his attention to Puerto Rico Monday on Twitter. It was not good. Rather than express his support or condolences, Trump offered insults instead. He posted a series of tweets Monday evening that was offensive, to say the least.

Comparing the recovery to Texas and Florida, Trump brought up the island’s ailing electrical infrastructure (complete with a misspelling). And in Puerto Rico’s time of greatest need, Trump harped on their debts.

The back-handed summary of the situation in Puerto Rico is certainly not unprecedented for Donald Trump. He has a penchant for rooting against the underdog in almost every situation.

But the subtext of the whole social media outburst is just another example of Trump’s racism. He always needs to create an “other” for his supporters to look down on. Trump is saying “All the white people here in real America are doing fine. The sort-of Mexicans down there, not so much, because they don’t know how to handle themselves.”

He forgets that Puerto Rico is a US territory, and had been for 60 years before even Hawai’i became a state. Their economic woes come largely from expired federal regulations — decisions made in Washington, D.C., rather than their own capital of San Juan. And the recession was even worse for Puerto Rico than it was here. That means that filthy rich assholes like Trump are the reason they’re in trouble in the first place.

But he’s more concerned with songs and flags.

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