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After Trump’s Racist ‘Sh*thole’ Comment, House Rep. Has An Important Question We All Want Answered

Donald “Shithole” Trump insulted Haiti, El Salvador, everywhere in Africa and everywhere else in the developing world by calling them “shithole countries,” and he earned a swift and harsh rebuke from many quarters. Some people involved in the immigration negotiations with Trump, like Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham, by the comments. Others had better points to make.

Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) made one of the biggest and sharpest points when he tweeted his reaction to Shithole Donnie’s words:

Here’s the thing: Trump repeatedly blows his own horn by acting like this self-made billionaire who turns everything that he touches to gold. for not paying his taxes; pretends like the loan he got from his father was, oh, a few bucks when it was really several million; and he acts like his bankruptcies are nothing. He doesn’t pay his contractors and makes up all manner of excuses for why; he hires immigrants specifically so he can pay them less; his company has worked hard to prevent employees from unionizing and much, much more. A golden business the Trump Organization is not.

he’s got “one of the great minds of all time,” that he’s “like, a smart person,” that he’s a “very stable genius,” that he has an IQ much higher than any of his critics’ IQs, that the fact that he went to Wharton means he’s a smart person, and on, and on, and on, and on ad nauseam.

The Trump Organization isn’t exactly a stellar example of good business practices, nor is Trump himself a good example of, like, a smart person, let alone the genius he thinks he is. So those of us who look at his occupation of the White House and wonder how someone as dimwitted as Trump could possibly have gotten there can easily turn his own hateful words against him. Pocan is right. The Republican Party needs to answer for this.

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