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After Being Warned Not To Blab To Trump By US Intelligence, Israel Was Likely Source Of Trump Leak

America needs spies.

That’s what Senator Ben Sasse told Seth Meyers  Late Night. I guess I tend to agree with him, in as much as the world is a complicated place, fraught with possible geopolitical pratfalls. The Department of Homeland Security, you’ll remember, didn’t exist 15 years ago. It was created because we apparently didn’t have enough spies in the CIA. Or maybe we didn’t have enough agents in the FBI. I can never remember. Anyway, we have lots of spies, and lots of other countries we share information with through our spy network, including Israel — who, according to the New York Times, are of the classified information Donald Trump just spouted off to Russia.

There should be a pretty strict rule about who can and who can’t be spies, and right at the top of that list sits Donald Trump. Not simply because he’s an arrogant nitwit with the patience of a hungry infant. Not just because he keeps secrets like a 12-year-old. No, Trump shouldn’t be a spy because, well… He’s the g*ddamn President. But here we are, talking about Trump-as-spy because he leaked some Top Secret™ information to Russian officials when they were all hanging out last week. As pals do.

The biggest takeaway for his national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, wasn’t that the buffoon who gives him orders used classified intel to wave his dick at a foreign government. It was that the press . Seems to be a theme, this “leakers finding leakers” thing. But it seems like even Israel has some soul-searching to do after this massive blunder by the Commander-in-Chief because apparently they were  by their U.S. counterparts before Trump was even inaugurated to around him.

It gets kind of complicated, so here’s the breakdown:

America and Israel are buddies. Russian and Iran are chums. America and Russia have a, um, “working relationship” under Trump. Israel and Iran are definitely not friends. So if Israel gives information to America, and America gives it to Russia, there’s a danger that Russia gives it to Iran, and… Like I said, .

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