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After ACORN. Planned Parenthood?

A campaign of lies and deceit led to the defunding of ACORN and its disappearance from the scene. Falsified and selectively edited videos gave its enemies ammunition. How was funding cut off when Democrats were in the majority?

Fast-forward to Monday, Sept. 14. A Housing Department appropriations bill was moving through the Senate, and Republican Sen. Mike Johanns offered an amendment that was nearly word-for-word identical to the one Vitter introduced back in February, barring all federal housing funds for ACORN. This time, the ACORN-defunding amendment passed, 83-7. The winning total included 50 -- yes, 50 -- Democrats. Liberals like Chris Dodd, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin, Charles Schumer and others who supported ACORN back in February all changed their votes to approve the cutoff of funds.

The staunch defense of democracy continued

That was just a preview of what would happen on Thursday, across the Capitol in the House of Representatives. Just 48 hours after Republican Leader John Boehner introduced the "Defund ACORN Act," which would ban all federal funds for the group, the House Democratic leadership agreed to a vote on the bill. Boehner's measure passed 435-to-75, with 172 Democrats voting to cut off funds for an organization that had long worked on behalf of Democrats nationwide

And it was.....

It was an absolutely mind-blowing turn of events, a total collapse of longtime Democratic support for ACORN. Republicans had worked for years to reduce ACORN's influence, with little success. Now, in the span of a few days, the GOP scored major victories.

This was all back in 2009, this was the type of behavior that lost the Democrats so many seats in the following elections. This is what annoyed so many of us about bipartisanship, it was a crock of shit.

For all the noise coming from the minority Democrats in both Houses and even the White House, I am less than assured for the future of Planned Parenthood.

One again lies and deceit are being used, once again the Republicans are united in hatred of an organization they have always reviled.

Many of the calls to defund have come from Republican politicians, including some of the party’s 17 presidential hopefuls now crowding the field. Planned Parenthood currently receives more than $500m in federal funding. No federal funding currently goes toward abortion care, as it is expressly forbidden by federal law.

The truth has never mattered when Republicans want to throw millions under the bus, the question has always been, do the Democrats have the will and backbone to stop them? Personally, I would not bet on it.

Hurting the poor is easy game, defending them seems to matter little to those we have elected. Don't worry, if Planned Parenthood goes the way of ACORN no rich people will be hurt, hence the campaign war-chests will not be emptied.

Reduce their ability to vote, reduce the ability of women to have access to health care and some people still tell me there is not a war on. Well we better fight as if there is one, because 2016 may be too late to stop the losses.

I am just wondering what bipartisan bill must pass so that the defunding of Planned Parenthood can be attached to it and if the Democratic Party this time will fight it to the bitter end. I wonder what the excuses will be.

From past experience one can only conclude that the poor and women cannot count on Congress to protect their rights.

No doubt plenty of words will be spoken, maybe even some rousing speeches, but actions and results will speak louder than any words. Are we going to let this one slide as well?

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