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ABC-Washington Post poll - Clinton whomps Trump in debate

as you can see in   (I saw no link to complete poll — do not know if horserace numbers will be available later or not).

Trump’s unfavorables rose 5% from pre-date to 64%.

Their weak favorability ratings aside, 53 percent of adults say Clinton won the debate, while just 18 percent say Trump won, with the rest either calling it a draw or expressing no opinion.

There's been just one more-lopsided result on a presidential debate performance in ABC or ABC/Post polls back to 1976: Mitt Romney was seen as having beaten Barack Obama in their first debate in 2012 by 69-18 percent among registered voters. Obama's comeback in subsequent debates that year may hold out hope for Trump.

Some specific details

who got facts right  —   Clinton 54%, Trump 29%

who lied more —  Clinton 21%, Trump 32%

The view that Clinton won extends across demographic groups other than Republicans; the only difference is the degree. Even among Republicans, fewer than half, 45 percent, say Trump won, while 83 percent of Democrats pick Clinton. Independents go 50-14 percent in Clinton's favor. And even conservatives see Clinton as the winner, if by a comparatively narrow 40-27 percent.

some breakouts on who won, Clinton #s first:

Men                  48-19

Women            58-18

Whites             44-26

non-whites     72-05

A split by education among whites:

non-college educated  35-29   (remember, this is Trump’s strongest demographic)

college educated          58-21

There is some more detail in the article.

An observation —  this poll was taken Sept 28-30, meaning respondents had plenty of time to absorb Trump’s claims that he won the debate

Partisan divisions are 33-24-38 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents, in the full sample, and 35-27-24 percent among registered voters.

If there is a more complete release of the poll later today, and no one else blogs it, I will make another post then.