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2014 Midterm Elections Predictions/picks

Alright, it's time for me to unveil my election predictions/picks-- election results.. long-awaited, I know!! Obviously, there is a little bias, due to fact of me being a party loyalty/homer lol.  I was supposed to release them either 7 days to Election Day tomorrow or 30  days out, that didn't happen.

 wins U.S. Senate seat of retiring Senator Jay Rockefeller(D-WV),  WV 2, and my old boss Cman all win Or get re-elected--US Congress seats.  gets reelected,  & Erikka--Yes I chose a Republican get over yourself win West Virginia House of delegates seats.  wins the MD GOV race. The 7 Democrats in Maryland's Congressional seats all retain their seats--7/8 are Democrats. Tom Wolfe, Pennsylvania governor race wins & flips seat blue!  Muriel Bowser becomes DC mayor; she earned the powerful endorsement of President Obama, and is a Democrat AKA definite shoe-in.

*****Then I hope we can get a few upsets-- Ohio Gov. race Democrat Ed F & , Congressional District OH-6 .. Love to see a few US Congress seats in PA flipped blue as well!!!!*******

A political blog I have been working on since last week :( will be published/released in the morning, when it is finished. I've been traveling all night for work, or it would have been done. I have a big media assignment, covering election results for International newswire Reuters tonight! So, please go vote if you haven’t already, make your voice heard, and above all exercise your constitutional right to vote, and impact election results!