100 Daze

100 days into an administration failing and flailing,

rushing a vote on disastrous health care repeal,

releasing half baked tax plans, saber-rattling for a war,

making conflicting comments on NAFTA,

all to desperately score a "win" by the 100 day mark.

100 days into a White House that outright lies,

a Cabinet of billionaires, endless conflicts of interest,

attacks on the Constitution, free press, judges,

Muslims, immigrants, climate and government itself,

and constant revelations of Russian ties.

100 days of resistance rising in response,

at marches and airports, town halls and on phones,

blocking repeal, saying no to bans,

forcing Sessions' recusal and Bannon's demotion,

but facing new challenges every day.

The abnormality of this craze can put you in a haze,

the constant outrages can make you glaze,

and you might feel like this really marks 100 daze.

But we can't normalize this administration as a "phase."

For the next 100 days and beyond, the Resistance stays.

And the Resistance grows, until this administration goes.

Mark the days or escape the craze

as you raise a glass and raise you voice

at your local progressive social club.


Find - or start - a chapter near you.