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Running For Everything, Standing For Nothing

November 7, 2013 by Living Liberally

Two campaigns for governor come to an end yet we don't ask how these winners stand to govern -- rather how Christie's victory boosts his Presidential run and how McAuliffe's win may bolster Hillary's race.

As we deal with the healthcare website's problems, instead of standing firm for getting Americans covered, the GOP is ready to run midterm races against Obamacare and Dems wimpily wonder whether to run away from it.

And as America climbs back from the shut-down, instead of standing tall to run the country, The Tea Party fixates on running primary right-wingers, and Ted Cruz limbers up for a run for the White House.

With so much running, you'd think they are marathoners, but they are just politicians running wild. We could use a few who run less, stand a little more -- and are upstanding, understanding and outstanding as well.

What good is running for everything if, in the end, you stand for nothing?

Share reflections on elections, share politics and a pint as you gather with good company for a great night at your local progressive social club.

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Diplomacy With Iran: Where We Stand and What To Expect

September 25, 2013 by mfzernin

The UN General Assembly meetings this week offer President Obama a chance to capitalize on recent diplomatic developments with Syria and to extend a hand to new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in the hopes of launching renewed negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. In an op-ed in the Washington Post last week, Rouhani urged other leaders “to respond genuinely to my government’s efforts to engage in constructive dialogue.” It is critical for Obama to show that his administration is willing to answer Iranian concessions with some relief of sanctions that Rouhani can bring to the Iranian people.

Iran is Ready for Talks

A prominent adviser to the Iranian leadership, Amir Mohebbian, explains that Iran’s leaders see the next six months represent the best opportunity to reach an agreement, before campaigning for parliamentary elections begins in March. This is a window the US cannot afford to miss. It is time for the US to offer a reasonable deal that would signal to the Iranian people that the West is willing to work towards a larger agreement.    Read more

Where's A Washington Stalemate When You Need One?

September 5, 2013 by Living Liberally

Obama seeks Congressional approval to strike Syria, a mission lacking clear reason, aims and scope. He wants swift action but maybe Congress will move as quickly as it did to consider the American Jobs Act.

The President wants the green light to go it alone, as NATO passes, the UN stalls & England bows out. Maybe the House and Senate can deliberate as effectively as they did to avoid the sequester.

The White House is boosting a Bush-sized blunder that could turn into a Bush-quality quagmire. Maybe Washington will reach as much consensus as it has over immigration, guns and energy policy.

President Obama may be playing 3-dimensional chess as he imagines a winning strategy in bombing Syria.

Our only hope to avoiding this new war may be if Congress instead plays to a stalemate…forcing the Prez to rely on diplomacy, international institutions & global pressure instead.

Where's some good, old fashion Capitol Hill inaction, lethargy and obstructionism when we need it?

Shana Tova! May these high holidays see peace and may we all head back-to-school this season to relearn the recent history we've already forgotten.    Read more

Obama and the Coup in Egypt

July 12, 2013 by toritto1942

So does anyone really believe that the Obama administration had nothing to do with the removal of Mohammed Morsi as the duly elected President of Egypt? If you do, I’ve got some nice land I would like to sell you here in Florida.

Did you notice the casual indifference as Egypt spiraled into chaos? You were supposed to notice. Obama went golfing; John Kerry went sailing. I mean we’re just bystanders, and those poor Egyptians — we hope they can sort themselves out. Yeah right.

These guys play a pretty fair hand a lot of the time, but they have overplayed this one. Anyone who thinks the U.S. is not complicit up to its eyebrows in the Egyptian army’s unlawful coup needs a refresher in our history.

It is now common currency to say that Morsi, who served just a year after he was legitimately elected in June 2012, failed some kind of democracy test. He did no such thing. There was a test, but the failure belongs to Washington. It professes to like democracies all over the planet, but it cannot yet abide one that may not reflect America’s will.    Read more

L'affair Snowden - What We Have Learned

June 20, 2013 by toritto1942

Ok. Snowden is on the run.

“It’s espionage!” “He’s a traitor!!”.

Yeegads. All for telling us that our government is listening to us and wants to listen to the globe.

“We have warrants!” shouts Obama,

And then in a whisper “from that secret FISA Court” that nobody knows anything about because it’s a secret. National security you know.

Google moved today for a declaratory judgement in Federal Court (the REAL court!) to be allowed to disclose the warrants it received from the NSA through the FISA Court (not to be taken as an admission that there are any warrants of course - they are secret), arguing that it’s business has been irreparably damaged.

Now suppose the security state can’t catch Snowden? Suppose he gets asylum? How would you feel if Obama put him on the drone list over a Tuesday afternoon coffee at the White House?

Nah. Of course he wouldn’t. Would he? He can. Maybe after getting a secret warrant from FISA Court so it’s all nice and legal.    Read more

Our Ten-Year vs Their Tenure

May 30, 2013 by Living Liberally

In the past ten years, Republicans have revolted against their own cap-and-trade & healthcare plans, against science, common sense & decency, purging the few moderates from their ranks.

In that decade, Democrats took the White House, took the Senate, took & gave back the House, but never took the opportunity for lasting change on economic justice, civil liberties or human rights.

Since 2003, Drinking Liberally has grown from one dive bar to a far-reaching constellation, from sharing a drink to shaping how we think, becoming the bartender of the progressive movement.

Maybe we haven't created the revolution yet, but we also didn't create the sequester, debt ceiling crisis, drones, deep water drilling, indefinite detention or the GMO racket either.

Compare our ten-year to our politicians' tenure and you'll mark our anniversary with the cheers: "Ten more years…and a few more beers."

Drinking Liberally: established May 29th, 2003.

Toast ten years of liberal comrades & conversation by lifting a liberal libation with like-minded lefties at your local progressive social club.    Read more

Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance

March 28, 2013 by toritto1942

The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march for Unemployment Insurance.

Does it boggle your mind to see working class people using their time to demonstrate for less government involvement, while living off of unemployment or social security checks? What exactly are these people thinking? How can people work so directly against their own best interests?

It's an insanity that Thomas Frank noted in his book "Whatメs the matter with Kansas?":

"the country we have inhabited for the last three decades seems more like a panorama of madness and delusion worthy of Hieronymous Bosch: of sturdy patriots reciting the Pledge while they resolutely strangle their own life chances; of small farmers proudly voting themselves off the land; of devoted family men carefully seeing to it that their children will never be able to afford college or proper health care; of hardened blue-collar workers in mid-western burgs cheering as they deliver up a landslide for a candidate whose policies will end their way of life, will transform their region into a "rust belt," will strike people like them blows from which they will never recover."    Read more

We do not need another Bush in the White House

March 5, 2013 by fidlerten

I was reading in USA Today an article about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a book he has published concerning immigration. The article also discussed a possible campaign by Continue Reading → The post We do not need another Bush in the White House appeared first on Fidlerten Place.

The Tea Party, part 1

February 28, 2013 by Sisu Nichols

The old saying goes: It's important to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Keeping this in mind, a few weeks ago I joined a Tea Party community undercover. I rarely post there, I'm too afraid too, what I've found is that they're a suspicious bunch and if I don't agree with their beliefs, I'd be labeled a "troll" and possibly get myself banned. Well, I am a troll, but just a "lurking troll"... like I said, I rarely post and when I do, I make sure that it's something I've come across on the site and share it... Staying undercover by blending in.

Can I say that the Tea Party scare the crap out of me?! I've learned several things about them. Most, not all, but most of them are religious fanatics. Quite a few of them home school their kids and college?... forget that, they feel that school and college introduce liberal ideas to their children. The irony in all of this is their poor use of grammar and spelling mistakes. Be prepared to be become dumb if they ever gain control.    Read more

Why the Sequester Is Likely to Happen

February 21, 2013 by LPStrat

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about the Congressional sequester cuts going through and shock from some that we have reached this point. This astonishment is somewhat warranted given that Congress and the White House reached a deal to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff in January, and then voted to raise the debt ceiling for a three month time period. So why has there been no deal or at a minimum a punt? Let’s look back a bit.

In the aftermath of the fiscal cliff deal, both parties began setting the stage for the next parts of these fiscal negotiations: the sequester, the debt ceiling, and the budget. Each party is convinced that they have leverage in this fight and that the other party will be forced to come to them. Of course it is impossible for both sides to be correct. Time will tell who ends up with the upper hand, but with all of these challenges that need to be addressed, it is useful to look at the preferences of the White House, Congressional Republicans, and Senate Democrats.

By comparing the preferences of the various groups, the likely outcomes of the three fiscal issues become readily apparent:    Read more

The Tea Party: Steeped In Perdition

February 10, 2013 by Upside Downtrodden

It’s Saturday February 9th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 2009, a few loose-screw Americans formed what we ended up calling the Tea Party thanks in large part to the funding and support of right-wing think tanks like FreedomWorks and ideologues like Dick Armey who oversaw the Tea Party’s perplexing (and totally manufactured) rise across the political landscape. Four years later, the Tea Party (having fulfilled its purpose as a punchline of choice to comics the world over) has dissolved into the impotent, irrelevant, waste-o’-space guano bucket we always knew it was. Thus, in honor of what is sure to be the last year of even Tea Party members taking the Tea Party serious, we’re delighted to share with you a letter we sent to Tea Party members back in 2009 in response to their solicitation to join the Tea Party. Enjoy.

"Dear Fellow New Tea Party Members,    Read more

Drones and Droning

February 7, 2013 by Living Liberally

After years of attacks by unmanned drones -- a practice that has seeded fear & enmity -- it takes a confirmation hearing for the Senate
to finally question the White House about it.

After years of increasing tension & confusion for non-documented workers in the US,
a group of GOP lawmakers finally speak for reform, but maybe not as loudly as those who oppose it.

After debt ceiling struggles, Super Committee foibles and Grand Bargain scuttles created sequestration, Congress is now talking about avoiding the crisis
of severe cuts that they themselves created.

They act like a bunch of unmanned crafts -- maybe it's a Congress made up of drones.
Even when they are poor at legislating, they still prove pretty adept at droning...

Instead of droning, join for discussion, and choose a drink instead of drone
as you share a night with like-minded lefties at your local progressive social club.

DRINKING LIBERALLY Find - or start - a chapter near you.

America’s First Gay President: Coming Out Sometime in the Future

January 14, 2013 by fidlerten

This may seem farfetched at this time in our history but I assure you, America will someday have an out-of-the-closet and into your hearts, gay president.

As a gay man, I found it exciting when Barack Obama — the first black president — became the first president to endorse gay marriage. Some even say that he is the first gay president, similar to how Bill Clinton was the first black president. Obama’s wife Michelle of course, would disagree with that idea entirely, I am certain, accept in only the honorary title in which it would be intended.

Even though we gay people have found our way into many American hearts, we still have a way  to go to win our way into the White House.  I am confident that when that day does come, that gay or lesbian president will serve their country with its interests with their whole heart.     Read more

What Is the Debt Ceiling?

January 7, 2013 by Maureen Andrade

About a hundred years ago, our nation was engaged in World War I, and needed to simplify how the government funded its responsibilities. For the Treasury to be able to fund debts incurred from obligations already legislated by Congress without additional votes from Congress every time money was to be released, the debt ceiling was created.

The government website describes the debt ceiling best: “Indeed, the debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments; it simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have approved in the past.” (

The debt ceiling has been raised dozens of times, and typically with no fanfare, until…     Read more

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