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Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife (Maureen McDonnell) indicted in gift-giving scandal

January 21, 2014 by THE POLITICUS

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Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were charged Tuesday with illegally accepting gifts, luxury vacations and large loans from a wealthy Richmond-area businessman who sought special treatment from state government.

See court forms attached!

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Writing Blogs Just Got Easier

November 15, 2013 by THE POLITICUS

Today, we added the CKEditor to the body section of the blog post submission page. This was done to make posting a blog with customization easier and nicer looking. The type of things you can do is add images inside your post, change the font type, realign text and much more.
For example, lets talk about how to add an image to a post. First write your whole post in the body section. Add any text formats you like, i.e font type, color, bold, etc. Then on the top row of the CKEditor look for the icon that looks like an "image". It should be on the top right side of the CKeditor. Click on it and a box will appear. In the "URL" section you will put the image URL.
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Citizens United and the Perils of Super PACs

September 3, 2013 by mstinnett311

Michael Stinnett - 9/03/2013: Legal rulings such as Citizens United and lax campaign financing laws have undermined the democratic process allowing wealthy donors to buy elections; so-called Super PACs are a pernicious influence on society and should be abolished. A Super PAC, or independent expenditure-only committee, “may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates. Super PACs must, however, report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis – the Super PAC's choice – as a traditional PAC would. Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs are prohibited from donating money directly to political candidates” (Super PACs). The recent ruling protects political spending by corporations in candidate elections, citing the First Amendment's protection of freedom of speech. In justifying the ruling, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote that “'If the First Amendment has any force, it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech'” (The New York Times).    Read more

War and Conscription

May 13, 2013 by toritto1942

"Few probably recall the name Dwight Elliott Stone. But even if his name has faded from the national memory, the man remains historically significant. That’s because on June 30, 1973, the 24-year-old plumber’s apprentice became the last American forced into the armed services before the military draft expired.

Though next month’s 40-year anniversary of the end of conscription will likely be as forgotten as Stone, it shouldn’t be. In operations across the globe, the all-volunteer military has been employed by policymakers to birth what Gen. George Casey recently called the “era of persistent conflict.” Four decades later, we therefore have an obligation to ask: How much of the public’s complicity in that epochal shift is a result of the end of the draft? "

Thus wrote David Sirota last week in

"There is, of course, no definitive answer to such a complex question. However, a look back at some lost history shows that today’s public acquiescence to militarism was exactly what the government wanted when it ended the draft.    Read more

What could Brown Do For Us?

May 8, 2013 by Upside Downtrodden

Its Wednesday May 8th! Do you know where your Podcast is? On this day in history back in 1858 John Brown held a secret anti-slavery convention in Canada where he and around 50 like-minded individuals adopted an anti slavery constitution. Brown is one of the most polarizing figures of the chaotic period leading up to the civil war. Hated by supporters of the southern way of exploiting human beings for their own personal gain and glory - I mean advocates of states’ rights; revered by the growing population of civil rights warriors who believed that change would not come without a fight; shunned and shamed by peace loving, meek abolitionists who preferred to sing songs, publish articles, and peacefully assemble to end slavery.     Read more

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown

December 15, 2012 by toritto1942

I posted this after Aurora. Unfortunately it fits again.

And so we have another "massacre", this time in Aurora, Colorado, maybe 20 miles from Columbine. Pretty soon we can just start characterizing these barbarities as "incidents".

This one is life imitating art. Apparently the young man colored his hair red and called himself "The Joker"; Batman’s arch nemesis was going to spoil the midnight showing.

Our young man had no trouble at all buying four guns at local gun stores, and chemical weapons, full body armor, a gas mask and some six thousand rounds of ammunition over the internet. He had it all shipped directly to his school dorm and to his apartment - over 60 deliveries by UPS alone. Fifteen thousand dollar’s worth of shit.

Did anyone ever ask why this kid, who wasn’t a cop or in the military needed full body armor?

Naah. This is a free country.

As it turns out our brilliant neuro-scientist was a loner and totally forgettable if you passed him on a street or saw him on a bar stool. No criminal record. No Face Book page; no girl friend; no close buddies apparently.

Forgettable.    Read more

SNL spoofs Romney's '47 percent'

September 21, 2012 by Andrew17

Mitt Romney has to escape the characterture that is building about him. But why would he do this to us. We need to laugh more and more....But on a serous note, the media has under played the impact of the secret video of Mitt Romney. This video is extremely damaging. Just wait until Obama puts it in his first few ads in Ohio, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.....

Romney/Ryan White House – Gold Mine for 1 Percent

August 13, 2012 by fidlerten

…Also a Financial Burden for Medicare Recipients and the poor

Now that we know whom Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has chosen to run on his ticket, we can get a better idea of what kind of White House can be expected if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins in November.

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is most popular with Tea Party conservatives because of his budget plan, which would cut social programs for the poor as a method to lower the deficit but at the same time, provide tax cuts for the wealthy.    Read more

Guns, Guns, and Guns

July 28, 2012 by HenryMalone

As my parents were divorced since I was two, my dad would pick both me and my younger brother up from my mom and take us every other weekend. He had a super Nintendo with two games that my brother and I spent our lives with: Mario and Duck Hunt. When I was in the first grade, he purchased a Playstation and bought Cabela’s Greatest Hunts. And then, when I was about nine, he bought both me and my brother our own BB guns, which we used outback to shoot birds and pop cans. Every time we went outback we would have to pass by my dad’s gun cabinet, which had five or six different guns.    Read more

No feminine mystique here: Women’s health care problems glaringly clear [The Pump Handle]

July 20, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

by Kim Krisberg

Legislative attacks on women’s health care are so commonplace these days that they make proposals that don’t include a state-mandated vaginal probe seem moderate.

In fact, so many legislators are introducing proposals under the guise of protecting women’s health (2011 marked a record number of reproductive health restrictions), that it was pretty refreshing to read how the Affordable Care Act will actually protect women’s health. Like, for real.    Read more

KIA in Afghanistan

July 18, 2012 by toritto1942

Sixteen American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan this month as of July 16.


One a day on average.

July 8th was a particularly bad day.

Seven soldiers were killed; six in the same roadside bomb.

Two of the six are from Tampa Bay. One black man. One Hispanic man.

Of the sixteen killed this month, thirteen of them were in their twenties; the youngest just turned twenty.

Our Tampa Bay casualties were both killed on July 8th in the road side bomb.

One was Sergeant Clarence Williams III of Brooksville. He was 23 years old. His family lives maybe 15 minutes from me.

Dying that day with him was Staff Sergeant Ricardo Seija, 31. His momma works at the airport.    Read more

Indiana, Eugenics and Fascism

July 9, 2012 by toritto1942

Vigo County Poor Farm - Terre Haute, Indiana

Those Socialists were wrong

Poverty is not a social condition. People do not become criminals as a product of social and economic conditions.

They are born that way.

People are poor and/or criminal because they are genetically inferior.

This ideology, social darwinism, was adopted by America’s wealthy at the turn of the 20th century as befitting those who believed they were more fit, indeed had a right to rule.    Read more

Tearless the Enemies of Peace

July 5, 2012 by toritto1942

Dalton Trumbo with his wife Cleo at the House Unamerican Activities Committee hearings in 1947.

"World War I began like a Summer festival - all billowing skirts and golden epaulets. Millions upon millions cheered from the sidewalks while plumed Imperial Highnesses, Serenities and Field Marshals and other such fools paraded thorugh the capital cities of Europe at the head of their shining legions.

It was a season of generosities, a time for boasts, bands, poems, songs, innocent prayers. It was an August made palpitant and breathless by the pre-nuptial nights of young gentlemen officers and the girls they left permanently behind. One of the Highland regiments went over the top in its first battle behind forty kilted bagpipers skirling away for all they were worth - at machine guns.    Read more

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