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Republican Michael Grimm Threatens to Break Report in half (Video)

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) got in a reporter's face and reportedly threatened him after President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night.


Politics, government, healthcare, news, political news

Phil Robertson: Pick a 16-year-old wife and make sure she can cook (video)

The video below is just the latest comments to shed some light on Phil Robertson's view. I wonder if Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal would agree that a man should be able to marry a 16 year old girl.


Was being a Slave an occupation? (video)

An online juror form from Dekalb County, Georgia lists 'slave' as an occupational option.


Money Madness: Why and How College Athletes Should be Paid

Free markets and college football. Deeply embedded into the sociocultural fabric of American life, these two time-honored traditions are incompatible.


Race Relations in America

If one paid attention to MSNBC, Think Progress, or the Daily Kos, and according to the numbers, approximately one does; one would believe that a hurricane of white supremacy is ripping this country to pieces.



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Paula Deen, Racist Comments, Paula Deen Racist Comments

Paula Deen Racist Comments

The way she talks about her grandfather's plight after the slaves were freed is disturbing. Why this didn't become a controversy until now is beyond me.

Listen to her comments in the video!


Three #OpenGov Events This Week

Busy #opengov week here in NYC. I’m pleased to be attending the following events on behalf of PPF: