United States Congress


Congress Avoids Fiscal Cliff – Now the Debt Ceiling

Though it took going past the deadline into the New Year, the United States Congress managed to settle on a

Sandy Hook: The Tragedy That Changed America’s Heart

Nothing since 9/11 has affected so many Americans with so much grief and heartache.

Republican Lawmakers Want Control over Women’s Bodies

I for one do not believe that most Republican lawmakers really care about unborn children that much, if they did then they would not be spending so much effort into taking

We lost, but we won [Greg Laden's Blog]

Yesterday, at the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Convention in Minnesota's United States Congressional District 3, my candidate, Sharon Sund, did not gain the endorsement of our party; the endorsem

But I Can’t Remember Where Or When

It seems we’ve often met like this before.

A DFL Walking Caucus [Greg Laden's Blog]

This is what a Democratic Party Walking Caucus looks like. It is a thing we do in Minnesota.