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Santorum Sweeps So-called Front Runner In Southern Victory

Among the many promises from the GOP candidates, Gingrich’s “grandiose” promise to make gas $2.50 didn’t resonate with southern voters as a result of the Mississippi and Alabama–and Hawaii–primaries. Santorum took Alabama with xx percent and Romney took Mississippi with xx percent.


2012 Election: Eight Points of Priority for Our Next President

Come This November, whoever is the Republican nominee facing off with President Barack Obama; there will be a few points of priorities that will need to be addressed by both the Republican nominee and the president.


A Kink in the Housing Market

The February US unemployment rate is out and it's a welcomed 8.9 percent with 250,000 new jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The high mark of unemployment was reached in the fourth quarter of 2009 at 9.9 percent as we sunk into the Great Recession.


Calculating What Never Was

The unemployment rate is stubbornly holding at 9.5 percent, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. There continued to be some job loss as the rest of the census came to a conclusion and local and state governments shed jobs trying to patch up holes in their budgets.