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She Blinded Me With Science

August 20, 2013 by chairmanoohmowmow

In the early 1970's, a group of scientists announced that after conducting some tests, they had concluded that the compound ozone seemed to have depleted in the upper atmosphere.

Time magazine ran with the story by suggesting that scientists had discovered a "hole in the Ozone Layer". All of the science turned out to be wrong but not before the media had blamed spray-on deodorant and the U.S. government had issued a ton of grant money and passed laws that controlled people’s lives.

Science had a new hypothesis: Warnings of man-made disaster equals Big Bucks

Since the research on the ozone didn’t really work; leftists re-packaged the scare tactic and called it Global Warming. For two decades they managed to grab federal cash and gain control over people’s lives by scaring the hell out of everyone.

After twenty years and no data to back up their claims; liberal scientists did some more research. This time they conducted focus groups to find out why people didn’t care about global warming. They found that people didn’t care because the globe had not become warmer. Not to be deterred they decided to “re-brand” Global Warming by calling it “Climate Change”.     Read more

Death threat denial [Deltoid]

May 21, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

Even when we have video of a death threat there are those who try to deny that scientists have been threatened. Like, oh, The Australian. Media Watch reports on media coverage of death threats on climate scientists:

One news outlet comes out of it, in our opinion, almost unscathed: Fairfax Media's The Canberra Times. The ABC doesn't look so great, and The Australian looks worst of all.    Read more

Exploring Space: Don't Sell Robots Short [Uncertain Principles]

May 9, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

One final thought on the Big Science/ Space Chronicles stuff from last week. One of the things I found really frustrating about the book, and the whole argument that we ought to be sinking lots of money into manned space missions is that the terms of the argument are so nebulous. This is most obvious when Tyson or other space advocates talk about the need for "inspiring" people, but it shows up even in what ought to be relatively concrete discussions of actual science.    Read more

Who should moderate a Science Debate? [Greg Laden's Blog]

April 6, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

Science Debate Dot Org asks the question: In a nationally televised presidential science debate, who would be the best moderator?

I find the suggestions that have been made so far to be interesting. A lot of people seem to be suggesting people who are obviously good scientists, or good communicators, but who are not especially known for being moderators. They are not the same thing.

Go have a look, make a suggestion, or vote for the existing suggestions.     Read more

Why Israelis Love Iranians [Dean's Corner]

March 28, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

How could Israelis love Iranians? This compelling video points a simple truth: how can you hate someone you don't know? Could this be a game changer?

Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post...

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