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Evolution and religion, yet again [Thoughts from Kansas]


[Attention Conservation Notice: About 3,500 words on the factual, scientific, and philosophical problems of a paper which was surely not intended to be taken seriously as science or philosophy. Nick Matzke comes at it from a different angle at The...More


Is it Politically Unwise to Associate Evolution With Nonbelief? [EvolutionBlog]


Here's the latest from Michael Ruse , over at the blog for the Chronicle of Higher Education . He is discussing the anti-evolution “academic freedom” bill that just passed in Tennessee:More


Huffpo Science - already slipping into anti-science [denialism blog]


Our initial optimism over Huffpo science being a haven for reason in a den of disease-promotion and quackery appears now to be misplaced. It appears the animal rights cranks have made inroads with Bruce Friedrich , a member of PETA...More