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President Obama’s Winning Work Continues


I haven’t written anything more than an email for a couple days, spent as my writer’s mind is from Campaign 2012. In addition to posting here, I was a regional digital lead for Organizing for America. For many months, I...More

Volunteers at Planned Parenthood, Vancouver, WA

Something to Believe In: Planned Parenthood


Walking into the new Planned Parenthood facility in Vancouver, WA one is greeted by friendly people and an immaculate environment. Like any kind of medical clinic, there’s a sterile, professional feel to the space. This is a serious place with...More


No feminine mystique here: Women’s health care problems glaringly clear [The Pump Handle]


by Kim Krisberg Legislative attacks on women’s health care are so commonplace these days that they make proposals that don’t include a state-mandated vaginal probe seem moderate. In fact, so many legislators are introducing proposals under the guise of protecting...More


Santorum Sweeps So-called Front Runner In Southern Victory


Among the many promises from the GOP candidates, Gingrich’s “grandiose” promise to make gas $2.50 didn’t resonate with southern voters as a result of the Mississippi and Alabama–and Hawaii–primaries. Santorum took Alabama with xx percent and Romney took Mississippi with...More


Demanding women deliver dead babies is unethical and unsafe [denialism blog]


In a debate on the floor of the Georgia State house over a bill to force women to bring all pregnancies after 20 weeks to term , even in cases of dead or non-viable fetus, this Georgia representative reaches a...More