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Obama Supports Gay Marriage! [EvolutionBlog]

I only have time for a quick post today, so let us take note of the happy fact that Obama has now come out squarely in support of gay marriage.


Ted Nugent, and the Obama Haters

I know many of us really get tired of listening to the constant barrage of personal attacks on President Obama. The attacks on his policies are fair game but the personal attacks and now threats, just go too far.


War On Budget vs Warrenn Buffett

With Santorum out, the presumptive GOP nominee
pledges to bring Bain's vulture capitalism to DC,
while more Americans would just like to see
offshore corporate accounts brought back to the US.


ObamaCare...the Others Don't

Conservatives go to the High Court with the low goal
of making it harder for Americans to get healthcare,
yet while they threaten to undo Obama's achievement,
the President's own national poll numbers rise.


Bemused Remark For the Day [EvolutionBlog]

As I write this, the lead headline over at HuffPo is, “Shock Poll: 52% of Mississippi GOP Voters Say Obama is a Muslim,” leading to this story. The shock, I wou


President Obama, 1991: Speak Truth to Power [Dean's Corner]

Here is a fascinating insight into President Obama as a young law student at Harvard, in 1991.


GOP Boxes itself in on Obama Contraception Compromise

2/12/12 The Catholic Health Association, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and Catholic Charities USA