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What Is Lacking?


A few years ago I was asked to give a short talk on the subject of Roe v. Wade. As I have always been interested in the Supreme Court and the individuals who have served on it, I readily agreed...More




As a baby boomer, I grew up in an era where the only women who had access to safe abortions were the wealthy. They could fly somewhere and have it done and be back home before anyone knew they were...More


Democratic Defiance Between Violence and Silence


We're scared of the rise of religious radicals in Egypt but our own states are passing sweeping new laws to control women's bodies, health and choices. We question the accountability of Egypt's military, yet accept drones, indefinite detention, domestic spying,...More


Election 2014: Democrats, Get to Work or Face Chance of Losing Senate


We supporters of Barack Obama just won a major election and we are all feeling confident. We should, Obama definitely won a mandate when it comes to raising taxes on the rich, along with passing a comprehensive immigration policy. Then...More


When Getting Lumped Beats Being Trumped


With "horses and bayonets" Mitt started a weak week, spending half the final debate getting trounced and half agreeing with the man doing the trouncing. Then Murdouck made Mitt's week much worse, saying pregnancy from rape is what God's intended...More


Women, it’s all about us!


The latest far right slander against women’s rights came Tuesday when Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies resulting from rape should not be aborted because they are God’s will. Gov. Romney is a Mourdock supporter, and even made a...More


For the Second Presidential Debate, Obama Should Come out Fighting!


The supporters of Barack Obama and most members of the Democratic Party want our president to lay Mitt Romney out — not literally speaking of course. Most of us I am sure agree that his last performance was a little...More


Beauty Among Pain


A few weeks ago I watched a show about women who have babies while incarcerated. This particular episode centered on a pilot program where inmates, based on their crimes and behavior have a chance to keep their babies with them...More

Volunteers at Planned Parenthood, Vancouver, WA

Something to Believe In: Planned Parenthood


Walking into the new Planned Parenthood facility in Vancouver, WA one is greeted by friendly people and an immaculate environment. Like any kind of medical clinic, there’s a sterile, professional feel to the space. This is a serious place with...More


The Right of the Religious Right: Part 1


Many years ago when I was but eleven years of age, I became a preacher. As a Pentecostal, I had a very strict belief system, which also affected my sermons. I believed many things were sin, even if the Bible...More