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America's Running A Marathon, Not A Sprint

April 18, 2013 by Living Liberally

We demand answers to Monday's horror, but aside from consoling the injured & showing support to the city of Boston, there isn't a quick way to assign blame, exact revenge or salve our grief.

We seek just action in response to Newtown but foolish Senate "traditions" halt progress, allowing the conservative mindset of a minority to prevent a majority from passing gun laws.

For many immigrants, it's been a long road, sometimes painful, frightening, exhausting, yet it seems that there may be a finish line if we all have the stamina to continue.

A Marathon is a democratic event: the terrain is equal, it's free to watch, the public is there every step of the way. And it's long. Painful. Yet achievable.

In American democracy, right now we're running a marathon, not a sprint. Let's hope we have the training, focus, courage, will-power & endurance of those Marathon runners we all admire.

Our hearts are in Boston, Newton & with all our fellow Americans. Come share your thoughts with friends as we share a drink & share the night at your local progressive social club.

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More Social. More Security.

April 11, 2013 by Living Liberally

More Social. More Security. We can reform immigration in a way that builds community with people & families who are contributing to America -- or we can keep criminalizing our neighbors.

We can pass sensible gun regulations to create a sense of trust, safety & relief -- or we can succumb to the paranoia calling for more guns, danger and distrust.

Our budget can strengthen our country, invest in infrastructure, provide a safety net -- or can cut successful social programs that support the most vulnerable among us.

So why is Obama out to cut Social Security, when on issue after issue, we need policies that are More Social for More Security?

You can be secure in the social scene where you share views, and sip some booze at your local progressive social club.

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Tangled Up In Blue: Values Vs. Politics

April 10, 2013 by Maureen Andrade

Can Conservatives and Moderates get along? Could a Liberal be friends with a Republican? Is inter-political party love possible? Of course- these things happen every day. But if relationships are built on common values, how is this possible? Many Congressmen and Congresswomen believe Democrats and Republicans have different values, and that these values are an impassable gulf between us. However, the intractable divisions between the parties, from gun control to budget cuts, are all political, not value-based.

Except for sociopaths, all of us want our country to prosper and be safe. We want to see ourselves reflected in the leaders that represent us. Americans want to feel heard. How we achieve these aims is where we diverge. This is where politics steps in.    Read more

Say You're Wrong, Open Your Eyes, Yes It's Much Too Late For Goodbyes

April 8, 2013 by Upside Downtrodden

There are many sides to a photo.

It’s Monday April 8th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1935, Congress established the Works Progress Administration program, and FDR signed the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act. Not too shabby considering they were in the depths of The Great Depression, eh? It makes you wonder. We were able to find money to help people during the time in America’s history when we were as broke as broke can be. We were able to create jobs, invest in the country, and work together towards what would become America’s golden age. We were able to pass The Social Security Act and form unemployment insurance delivering a New Deal for Americans. This only happened because enough people decided that helping people was the right thing to do. They realized we were stronger together. They were right.     Read more at National Conference on Media Reform

April 4, 2013 by David Moore

Writing from the plane headed to the National Conference on Media Reform in Denver, CO, organized by the terrific folks at PPF’s longtime friends at Free Press. My first time in Denver, look forward to seeing the mountains.    Read more

Are They Ignoring or Just Ignorant?

April 4, 2013 by Living Liberally

As the GOP tries to connect to Latino voters, they first apologize for a Congress member's slur -- which he says he didn't realize was a slur.

While Congress considers steps on gun violence, conservatives oppose action, deny the facts & cling to the myth that more guns make us safer.

And though some on the Right have come out for marriage equality, others still claim that same-sex couples are a threat to marriage.

It can be hard to tell whether right-wingers are truly ignorant of the world around them...or whether they just prefer to ignore it.

If only we could ignore them a little more...

Here's a fact you can't ignore: good company & good conversation at your local progressive social club.

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Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance

March 28, 2013 by toritto1942

The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march for Unemployment Insurance.

Does it boggle your mind to see working class people using their time to demonstrate for less government involvement, while living off of unemployment or social security checks? What exactly are these people thinking? How can people work so directly against their own best interests?

It's an insanity that Thomas Frank noted in his book "Whatメs the matter with Kansas?":

"the country we have inhabited for the last three decades seems more like a panorama of madness and delusion worthy of Hieronymous Bosch: of sturdy patriots reciting the Pledge while they resolutely strangle their own life chances; of small farmers proudly voting themselves off the land; of devoted family men carefully seeing to it that their children will never be able to afford college or proper health care; of hardened blue-collar workers in mid-western burgs cheering as they deliver up a landslide for a candidate whose policies will end their way of life, will transform their region into a "rust belt," will strike people like them blows from which they will never recover."    Read more

The Grand Old Party or A Gay Old Party

March 28, 2013 by Living Liberally

As arch-conservatives cling to definitions of marriage as between a man and a woman, more and more Americans come to believe that people have the right to marry whom they love.

While the Supreme Court's right flank seems uncomfortable recognizing gay families, Anthony Kennedy, the presumptive swing Justice, is recognizing history's swing toward equality.

Dem leaders finally follow public sentiment, 2016 contenders and coming out for gay rights & though the Republican Party lags behind, more GOP voices are calling for change.

In the end, people love who they love, couples have the right to start families, and why stand in the way of a great wedding?

Whether through Courts, States or the Capitol, before long, even the Grand Old Party will be celebrating a Gay Old Party, and we'll all be better off for it.

Speculate about SCOTUS, pipe up about politics & pass around a pitcher to share a toast as you gather with like-minded lefties at your local progressive social club.

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Congress: Can't Budget, Can't Budge It

March 21, 2013 by Living Liberally

Even the recent heinous acts of gun violence aren't budge the US Senate, which is too scared to tackle a restoration of the assault weapons ban.

Superstorm Sandy, the series of climate crises & the hottest seasons on record can't budge the climate change deniers in both Houses into any action on carbon reduction.

Despite an election that rejected him, nothing will budge Paul Ryan from a Tea Party budget plan that slashes popular, essential programs.

It's one thing to say Congress can't budget. But when it comes to Congress, nothing -- not common sense, popular sentiment or urgent necessity -- can budge it.

Congress: can't budget. Can't budge it.

If you need a drink to lift your spirits, or some comrades to share spirited talk, join your local progressive social club.

DRINKING LIBERALLY Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Help - Before 5pm ET Today

March 21, 2013 by David Moore

Update, Friday March 29th: This “feedback” phase of the Knight NewsChallenge ends at 5pm ET today, so please help now. Let’s bring We The People style petitions to every U.S. city government for accountability and engagement.

The OpenCongress team has submitted a proposal to the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge for open-government projects: – a version of “We The People” for state, city, and local governments

… thanks to mentions from friends-of-PPF like Chris Hayes, Zephyr Teachout, Reihan Salam, and others, as of this writing we’ve risen in the ranks to the bottom of the first page of most-viewed projects overall. Currently ranked 20th (Monday 3/25/13 update: 16th!) most-viewed of 825 proposals, not too shabby – and we’re sixth most-applauded overall, which is awesome popular support. Lots of great #opengov submissions, more on that below. (Right: a sample of our new, clean design for Q&A on OG.)     Read more

Bad Gas Not Normally This Much of A Problem

March 18, 2013 by Upside Downtrodden

Its March 18th, do you know where your podcast is? On this date in history back in1937, 298 school children experienced the worst gas of their lives, and not the kind that would provide their schoolmates with smirks, giggles, and sour smells. Their school, Consolidated School of New London Texas, had been built in 1930 and was in the middle of massive oil and gas fields and many of the nearly 1,200 students were sons and daughters of energy workers. The gas that troubled the school on that day was natural gas, there was an explosion, and those 298 students were killed, many of them instantly. This astonishing disaster was investigated thoroughly; findings revealed that raw gas escaping from leaking lines had accumulated in the dead space between the foundation and basement floor. The gas expanded due to a drop in barometric pressure and an electric spark from a switch in the manual training shop had triggered the explosion. It has been reported by (caveat emptor) and others, that a cryptic message was found on a blackboard in the rubble, “Oil and Natural gas are East Texas’ greatest natural gifts.    Read more

Vote for our Knight NewsChallenge proposal:

March 15, 2013 by David Moore

Our tiny non-profit team was plainly excited when we heard that the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge had an #opengov theme, viz.: How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact? Good Q!     Read more

If The Vatican Can Act, Why Can't The Hill?

March 14, 2013 by Living Liberally

The President having GOP Senators for dinner didn't stop them from having him for lunch. He may win over their taste-buds and tummies, but it's a far reach to their hearts and minds.

Paul Ryan's past budget proposals have turned the Republicans into lemmings, yet despite a decisive national defeat,Ryan's new budget is a lot like the old.

More Americans speak against the sequester but stopping cuts requires Washington action,and in DC these days, the hardest task is getting Congress to do anything at all.

We need a group of proud aging men with differing goals & fractured alliances to can get together to make a decision.

They just did it in the Vatican -- why is Capitol Hill having so much trouble?

Whether discussing the white smoke in Rome or just the hot air and dark tempers in DC, share your thoughts, a drink & a night with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Paul Ryan Should Get This: ObamaCare is here to Stay

March 13, 2013 by fidlerten

I consider it a great shame to this nation the United States, being the most prosperous country on the earth, that for decades, our health care system has been so Continue Reading → The post Paul Ryan Should Get This: ObamaCare is here to Stay appeared first on Fidlerten Place.

Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Rant Shows Fear and Ignorance

March 11, 2013 by fidlerten

I will give Senator Rand Paul (KY) credit for being steadfast with his filibuster, which says he actually believes what he is saying, or else he has serious designs on Continue Reading → The post Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Rant Shows Fear and Ignorance appeared first on Fidlerten Place.
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