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Summer Hopes, Some Are Hopeless

From Egypt's Arab Spring to Morsi's sudden fall, peaceful possibility turned to clash & confrontation as democratic dreams are dashed by death & devastation. Momentum on immigration reform hit a stalemate, talks of job creation turned to threats of a...More




My most recent thoughts on politicians (I thought I'd already put this up, but must not have) Clowns Every few years we get the chance, stroll down the road, tick another box or two, decide which toad will screw us...More


Supreme Court Nomination Hearings: Joke or Serious Exercise?

I recall vividly in the summer of 1987 when Court of Appeals Judge Robert Bork was before the Senate Judiciary Committee going through the ordeal of a hearing on his nomination to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court...More


What Is Lacking?


A few years ago I was asked to give a short talk on the subject of Roe v. Wade. As I have always been interested in the Supreme Court and the individuals who have served on it, I readily agreed...More




As a baby boomer, I grew up in an era where the only women who had access to safe abortions were the wealthy. They could fly somewhere and have it done and be back home before anyone knew they were...More


Moderate Republicans In Denial


Mickey Edwards steals a page from those early Progressives who believed the cure for democracy was more democracy. Joining a long list of Republican "reformers" who are trying mightily to help the GOP avoid a rendevous with hostile demographics, the...More


Putin on the Fritz


Putin granted Snowden asylum so Obama's canceling his Russia trip. The Cold War's over, but the Big Chill is on. Russia's fierce & frightening anti-gay laws spark global outcry against the Olympics. Instead of "From Russia With Love," the world's...More


GOP and Dems Need Marriage Counseling


Think for a moment about the world before Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. Remember a time when Republicans and Democrats saw things differently, but could have discussions, pass laws, and hold productive legislative sessions together. There was a...More

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A Quick, Liberal Survey


I'm Justin Krebs, one of the founders of Drinking Liberally, and I'm writing a book about what we liberals want for our communities, our country and our future. Your answers to the questions below may help shape certain parts of...More


Of Mice and Manning


As we learn that the NSA domestic surveillance is far more widespread and invasive than we knew, the Senate talks tough but flees from action, timidly agreeing to sacrifice our privacy. The NSA is culling all domestic phone records, and...More