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Why can’t we peaceful people be given a choice?

About four or so months I attended a progressive town hall meeting hosted by my Rep. Eddie B. Johnson, with Rep. Barbara Lee from California. An old-aged attendent asked about the healthcare ruling (this was about two weeks before the...More

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Why, As A Liberal, I Hate Paying Taxes.


Who likes paying taxes? I write as committed liberal social democrat and Obama supporter. I care about humanity, and I have devoted my writing and volunteering life to advocating on behalf of the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalized and all...More


Attacks on Perry Rule Tampa Tea Party Debate


Last night’s Tea Party Debate in Florida unfolded largely as a fight to strip Texas Governor Rick Perry of his frontrunner status, and almost everyone – from Romney and Bachmann to Huntsman and Santorum – jumped into the ring. The...More


The GOP Debate and the President’s Jobs Speech–The Campaign Begins


This week was busy from the perspective of presidential politics. On Wednesday, the Republicans held a candidates’ debate, followed on Thursday by President Obama’s address to Congress, and the nation, on jobs. The contrast could not have been starker. The...More


Dont Use The Free Market As An Excuse


This week, AT&T announced its plans to buy their competitor T-Mobile. Now it's up to regulators to approve the merger.More