As many might remember in July of this year we released the results of our presidential electoral model to predict the results of the 20


For the Second Presidential Debate, Obama Should Come out Fighting!

The supporters of Barack Obama and most members of the Democratic Party want our president to lay Mitt Romney out — not literally speaking of course.  Most of us I am sure agree that his last performance was a little lackadaisical, even us die-hard Obama fans thought so, which I am.


Bidding Biden to be Rid of Ryan

After Romney came out swingin' and fightin', and Obama seemed to be duckin' and hidin' the Dems turn the next round to Joe Biden. The GOP's high-flyin' on Romney's lyin' and Obama's shy 'n tirin' sighin' but can they keep Dems fryin' with Paul Ryan?


The GOP Is Banking on Replacement Refs

Romney's 47% insult to America was quickly followed by his 14% tax returns and an ever-diminishing percentage in the polls but he says it's still "early" in the race.


Headline Round Up!

“Over 50% of Florida students fail state writing test. Most educators are unconcerned, as good grammar is not needed when writing ransom notes.”

“Lockerbie bomber dies in Libya. World reacts with exaggerated shrug.”


Ron Paul & Clicktivism [denialism blog]

The point raised by yesterday's Times article on Ron Paul was that while Paul attracts big crowds, these crowds do not translate into voter turnout.


Evangelicals’ Santorum Endorsement may help Romney

1/14/12 A group of 150 evangelical leaders announced in Texas today their support for Rick Santorum. Their hope is to consolidate the conservative vote and stop Mitt Romney from winning the Republican nomination.


Santorum Surges—Romney Benefits from Conservative Split

1/2/12 We’ve been waiting for Rick Santorum to gain traction in Iowa. His neanderthal views against gay rights and reproductive freedom and his harshly hawkish foreign policy positions seem perfectly suited to Iowa Republican voters.


Why dying before retirement you help the state?

Now do not live to retirement by about a third of Russians. Here are paying people pay pension contributions and all in vain.

- Sorry, blame myself, not live, - says the state. - Crossed out.