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Help - Before 5pm ET Today

March 21, 2013 by David Moore

Update, Friday March 29th: This “feedback” phase of the Knight NewsChallenge ends at 5pm ET today, so please help now. Let’s bring We The People style petitions to every U.S. city government for accountability and engagement.

The OpenCongress team has submitted a proposal to the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge for open-government projects: – a version of “We The People” for state, city, and local governments

… thanks to mentions from friends-of-PPF like Chris Hayes, Zephyr Teachout, Reihan Salam, and others, as of this writing we’ve risen in the ranks to the bottom of the first page of most-viewed projects overall. Currently ranked 20th (Monday 3/25/13 update: 16th!) most-viewed of 825 proposals, not too shabby – and we’re sixth most-applauded overall, which is awesome popular support. Lots of great #opengov submissions, more on that below. (Right: a sample of our new, clean design for Q&A on OG.)     Read more

Your Child is Gay: Oh What Now!

December 24, 2012 by fidlerten

I know a police officer who is very socially conservative. He’s a Baptist who believes that homosexuality is wrong, as most evangelical do, if not all. We had the usual discussion about gay people and he expressed his disapproval as a Christian. One day I asked him a question, and knowing how he believed, I was surprised by his answer.

He and his wife had a newborn son and I asked him what he would do if his son turned out gay. He told me that he would still love him and accept him for whatever he was — not the answer I expected.

When a child, at whatever age, tells a parent they’re gay, the parent will deal with it in either a positive way or a negative way. When I told my mother, she chose to deny it by telling me it was just a phase I was going through. When she finally could no longer deny it, she reacted negatively by telling me “you need to get right with God”.

On the other hand, a friend of mine who was gay, told his mother he was gay, and though she cried, she told him that she wanted him to be proud of who he was and never be ashamed, she loved him just the same. It affected him in such a positive way and it showed in his life.    Read more

Romney/Ryan White House – Gold Mine for 1 Percent

August 13, 2012 by fidlerten

…Also a Financial Burden for Medicare Recipients and the poor

Now that we know whom Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has chosen to run on his ticket, we can get a better idea of what kind of White House can be expected if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins in November.

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is most popular with Tea Party conservatives because of his budget plan, which would cut social programs for the poor as a method to lower the deficit but at the same time, provide tax cuts for the wealthy.    Read more

Liberals Fed Up With Listening to Anti-Obama Rhetoric from the Right

July 19, 2012 by fidlerten

I believe I speak for many of my fellow liberals when I say this; please leave our president alone. We are tired of the made-up garbage from conservative corners that constantly berates our president. You would think President Obama just came straight out of the bowels of Hell and placed himself miraculously into the Oval Office.    Read more


April 12, 2012 by cherose228

The Trayvon Martin case looks to be entering into a new phase with the arrest of George Zimmerman. It’s about time, too. At least, Mr. Zimmerman had the grace to turn himself in, thus saving the state of Florida the trouble, not to mention the expense, of having to hunt him down. He’s been charged with second-degree murder, which takes the death penalty off the table. This particular statute, if I am understanding it right, covers a killing that results from a "depraved" disregard for human life, apparently an “in the heat of the moment” killing which does not involve premeditation. I am glad that this isn’t going to be a death penalty case. Believe me. Following an act of murder with ANOTHER act of murder isn’t a solution.    Read more

Chris Christie "bunch of people sittin’ on a couch" WHAT?

April 10, 2012 by Andrew17

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that the U.S. is turning into a “paternalistic entitlement society” that will bankrupt the country financially and morally because “we’ll have a bunch of people sittin’ on a couch waiting for their next government check.”

This is comming from a man who is over 400 pounds? He should fire his speech writer who added the phase "bunch of people sittin’ on a couch". It seems that all Chris christie does......hahahah!

Read more:

What I Learned From Hanging Out With Creationists [EvolutionBlog]

March 21, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

Truly my career has reached the next phase of its evolution. I have been published at The Huffington Post. Go have a look and let me know what you think!

Read the comments on this post...

One Million Moms; Gay Children Need Your Love, Not Your Scorn

March 7, 2012 by fidlerten


I’m sure that the women who belong to the “One Million Moms” group feel in their hearts that they’re doing the right thing; standing up against JC Penny and now Toys ‘R’ Us because of these businesses’ support of gay issues, but there’s something they just don’t seem to understand. What they don’t understand is that being gay is not just an adult thing but it’s also a kid thing, at least as young as eleven – that was the first time I remember realizing that I was gay and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of kids.    Read more

Planned Parenthood: Trying to Addict Your Kids to Sex [denialism blog]

February 16, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

How's this for a tinfoil hat conspiracy, brought to you by the American Life League--

Planned Parenthood's strategy in this great world is to:

Phase one: Get kids addicted to sex.
Phase two: profit! Through selling birth control, STD testing, and abortion.     Read more

Was the Duke of Buckingham romantic and passionate lover?

August 24, 2011 by Andrea_Bentley

August 23, 1628, 380 years ago, a dagger stroke marine lieutenant John Felton slashed England into two very unequal parts. Much of the public accepted the killing of the shadow of the ruler of Great Britain, George Duke of Buckingham as a great holiday, others lamented that the death of this man's country offers a lot of historical upheaval. The first organized pilgrimage to the prison, which was signed 23-year-old killer, ladies rewarded his promising looks. The latter were forced to put beside the coffin of the murdered numerous security guards out of fear that people will break the body of the deceased to pieces ...

Who was this man who caused a storm of emotions? How he managed to become a favorite of two kings of England - James I and Charles I? Is the killer was a woman nauskan nicknamed the "lady", as described by the famous French novelist Alexander Dumas for more than two centuries after the events?

The writing for the sake of writing    Read more

Oral candidiasis. What diet to observe during a treatment?

June 25, 2011 by Anonymous

Oral candidiasis occurs not only in infants, it is in adults, bringing with them a lot of unpleasant moments. This disease is caused by opportunistic fungi Candida, which in a certain amount present in the body of every person and become pathogenic when an enabling environment for rapid reproduction.    Read more

How to get through a dull day in government

March 31, 2011 by George Fripley

Life in the civil service, or any other bureaucracy for that matter, can have its boring moments when nothing appears to be happening. This may happen quite a lot if you are properly implementing the paradigms of government. In times like these you will need to have some ways to brighten up your day, or at least give your civil service life some meaning.

Cultivate a Grudge

All good bureaucrats need to have cultivated at least one grudge during their time in the civil service. A grudge will give you a hobby that you can enjoy whenever you like. It will usually make someone’s life difficult, though preferably without them being aware that it is you that is causing them problems. If you find yourself the subject of what seems to be a lot of bad luck, few opportunities, or even just more boring and soulless work than usual, you are probably the subject of a grudge.
A good grudge can be cultivated where you feel someone of less merit was awarded a promotion, or perhaps where someone has made a decision that has given you more work to do, or even where someone just seems ripe to be the subject of a grudge.     Read more


June 29, 2010 by win-ru

Today’s ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan are actually nothing new in the essence. Similar event used to take place in the 90s, though the authorities managed to settle them down, or — putting it right — "freeze them for the time being". Today, however, the national antipathy was multiplied by the social collapse and the anarchy that reigns over the republic.    Read more

Missile defenses in Eastern Europe ---- Interview with Baker Spring

February 22, 2009 by Anonymous

Missile defenses in Eastern Europe ---- Interview with Baker Spring Interview Conducted By Bill Steigerwald    Read more

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