Why The U.S. Needs To Let the Israeli's and Palestinian's Solve Their Own Crisis

We live under the false notion in the United States that if we just assert ourselves into the situation we can control the out come. This notion isn't new, we can look at Egypt as a classic case of national overconfidence.


eHarmony’s Gay Lawsuit

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Black September, September 1972

Munich, 1972: Black September had neo-Nazi helpers

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN the crime of the century if there just weren’t so many others to compete with it.


Poppa Was a Union Man (for Father's Day)

Danny and Mary in front of our little house - circa 1957.

The ghost in the doorway is me.


"Less Government" and the Social Contract

"In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets or steal a loaf of bread."

Anatole France - 1894

I've actually seen the line translated as "piss in the streets"


Pundits Are Not a Conserved Quantity [Uncertain Principles]

The thoroughly loathesome Rush Limbaugh is reaping the whirlwind from his latest gaffe (defined, of course, as any instance where a political figure shares his actual opinion with the public), with advertisers fleeing in droves.


Americans Choose: Democracy or Theocracy?

Republicans – because they’ve figured it out that they’re losing on the economic politics of this next election, they’re returning to one of their old standbys – social issues. We’re back to the same wedge issues that they’ve used in the past to divide us and to change the subject.


Contraception Fight: Religious Freedom or Religious Domination?

I, like many Americans, never thought I’d see the day that we’d be arguing over birth control – I thought this had been settled long ago.


GOP Tries to Restrict Voting Rights of Students and Minorities—Department of Justice Fights Back

Last year, amidst crushing budget shortfalls and mounting deficits, state legislatures across the country spent their time on the issues Republicans said really matter: “personho