Osama bin Laden


2012 Presidential Election Shows a Divided America

America has become such a divided nation. Is it because we have unresolvable differences or is it because we have allowed the voices of unreason and prejudice, to overpower the voices of wisdom and truth?


Sarah Palin Tells Obama to Grow “Big Stick” Thanks Sarah!

I do not know where Sarah Palin has been in the last three years but if she does not think this president has a “big stick” when it comes to foreign policy — she is entirely wrong.


Foreign Policy Failure – Dick Cheney, Criticizes President Obama’s Foreign Policy

I listened to an interview of Dick Cheney this morning given by Jonathan Karl of ABC News in which he criticized President Obama’s foreign policy.


Obama’s Lean, Mean Military Machine

Even President Barack Obama’s most ardent detractors would have to admit; the Obama administration’s record of military success is a tough record to detract from; not that they haven’t tried.


Mitt Romney Gives “F” to Obama and Criticizes Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney recently was asked to grade our current president; Barack Obama by CBS News correspondent, Jan Crawford.


A Second Term for Barack Obama

As I reflect back to those days before the election in 2008 and I recall the feeling of hope so many of us had at the time.


The Killing of Osama bin Laden was Personal for Most Americans

For most of the Americans who are old enough to well remember 9/11, which means most of us because it’s only been less than eleven years, we know the kind of pain, sadness and especially anger that we felt after those planes crashed into buildings and killed so many Americans.


Bin Laden Documents Reveal a “Bitchy” and “Totally Unsupportive” Management Style

“OH MY EFFING GOD, YOU GUYS!” began one of many letters found after the Navy Seals raided Bin Ladin's compound in May of last year. In his letters, Bin Ladin shared concerns about the way senior leadership was handling offshoots of the organization around the globe.


Thanks to Obama, Nation and the World a Safer Place

I’m glad we have a president who has his eyes wide open and is intelligent enough to figure out what we need when it comes to security.