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Thank You President Obama for Kindling Hope

November 27, 2013 by Maureen Andrade

This Thanksgiving, I reflect on our nation. There is reason to despair, or course. Some dire work is still undone. For example, nearly a year after the Sandy Hook horror, we still have no coherent national plan of action to restrict gun ownership. Also, our Congress is still embarrassingly dysfunctional, as the Republicans recently shut down the government in protest of millions of Americans getting access to health insurance. There is also a lack of meaningful citizen action on climate change, which could be the nullifying factor for all human endeavor a few generations out.    Read more

Race Relations in America

August 19, 2013 by chairmanoohmowmow

If one paid attention to MSNBC, Think Progress, or the Daily Kos, and according to the numbers, approximately one does; one would believe that a hurricane of white supremacy is ripping this country to pieces. A vast army of over-weight, red-neck, white men, in Confederate Flag adorned 4-wheel drive trucks are racing around the country side raping, lynching and generally tormenting innocent and terrified minorities.

Dedicated liberals spend their days scouring the internet for video of some poor white slob who is running for city council and happens to be caught on camera giving a poorly worded speech. Hand that video to some leftist jerk at Think Progress and you have recipe for “twisted overt racism”.

What these dedicated liberals don’t want to notice is that day after day, Americans from all races, backgrounds, religions, and creeds work together and get along astonishingly well. People go to restaurants, concerts, sporting events and school functions without a racist incident.    Read more

What should be the role of the media in politics

August 6, 2013 by Estrella Mom de Tres


#SoTU 2013

February 12, 2013 by David Moore

For updates on the State of the Union tonight, probably best-practice is to follow along with our lists on the micropublishing service :: 

  • #opengov & civic engagement & open-data leaders 

For video background see last Sunday’s edition of ‘Up with Chris Hayes’, the most substantive & empirically-accountable news show on cable TV. A lot of people prefer the popular social networking service, we keep a beachhead there too.     Read more

Ideology and the Voices We Follow

January 17, 2013 by fidlerten

Throughout my life, I have listened to others, and at times — at least during my younger years — I obeyed some of those voices and I was led down roads that perhaps I would have been better off if I had not gone. Growing older, I have learned to tell the difference more often between the voices that carry wisdom and those that carry other things, like emotions and passions and even agendas.

I am sure that most of us can remember a time in our lives that someone wanted us to do something. Perhaps a teenage friend who convinced us to sneak out of the house at night; a business associate convinces us to invest in a deal that turns out to be a lousy investment, perhaps even cost us our life savings. There are so many scenarios here but I am sure most of us, if not all, have had our “stupid moments” in our lives.    Read more

Many Republicans Having Difficult Time with Election Loss

November 10, 2012 by fidlerten

Losing an election can be a very bitter pill to swallow. Some Republicans are refusing to accept their loss and instead have begun beating the war drums of vengeance, promising to fight against not only the election results, but against democracy itself and the will of the People.

Donald Trump is a good example, he tweeted a few incendiary comments after the election results gave Obama a clear win. Here is a list of those tweets Yahoo! News provided for us:    Read more

Battled Fatigued But Fighting

October 7, 2012 by Maureen Andrade

Debate Watch Party at an OFA Office

My community’s local office for Organizing for America is in a strip mall on Fourth Plain BLVD. It’s not slick, but is functional, clean, and enthusiastically decorated with campaign posters. The doors are open seven days a week, from morning until night; and the place has a skeleton crew of staffers and full time volunteers that keep it going. It’s the friendliest place in my hometown, and somewhere I comfortably bring my children to learn about the democratic process.

Our office’s Debate Watch Party last week was well organized and packed with people. Like the Convention Watch Party before it, I was there writing and taking photos as part of my volunteer duties. I had a good feel for the mood in the room since my job was to pay attention. In a journalistic fashion, I had conversations with many folks, and watched for reactions to the debate.     Read more

All the News That's Fit to Tint

September 19, 2012 by Upside Downtrodden

It’s Tuesday September 18th (on the West coast)! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1851, the first issue of The New York Times was published. You know, that liberal rag with that infamous liberal media bias. You know, the one founded by Whig politician, Henry Jarvis Raymond. That commie! You know, the same Henry Jarvis Raymond who later became the second chairman of the Republican National Committee. That pinko! You know, the guy whose paper was praised by Republican President Abraham Lincoln with comments like, “The Times, I believe, is always true to the Union.” Oh my God, what a liberal! Okay. Okay. That was quite some time ago, and the world has changed...or has it?    Read more

Mitt Romney’s Heart: Republican Nominee Pleads His Case to NAACP

July 12, 2012 by fidlerten

Mitt Romney, as any presidential candidate – regardless of party – got invited to speak to the NAACP. At least Mitt accepted the invitation as his Republican predecessor George W. Bush, turned down the invite of this very influential African-American civil rights organization. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney showed by his speech that he is completely out of touch, not only with the African-American community but with average Americans in general.    Read more

Yet ANOTHER thing I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see. . .

July 11, 2012 by cherose228

Let's face it, I am a news junkie. I watch all sorts of news/infortainment/opinion programs every day, and I've been increasingly distressed to see the news programs degenerating into infotainment, more and more slanted to reflect the host's prejudices, and rarely being newsworthy to boot.     Read more

Pelosi's Lucky Purple Pumps

June 28, 2012 by Maureen Andrade

National Public Radio reported this morning Rep. Nancy Pelosi is wearing her lucky purple pumps today: the same ones she wore the day the Affordable Care Act was passed. In recognition of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on the constitutionality of health care reform, her choice of footwear could be the perfect symbol for continuing expansion of health care coverage for all Americans.

As soon as I woke, I hurried to my TV and switched on MSNBC, to find out what the Supreme Court’s verdict on health care reform would be….and I was delighted. Judge Roberts broke with the conservatives on the bench to cast the fifth vote which upheld this legislative achievement. His better angels prevailed…and tens of millions of people will benefit from the basic human right of health care access.    Read more

Marijuana Legalization: Obama’s Key to the Youth Vote

June 20, 2012 by fidlerten

President Obama has proven over his presidency to be very smart; he knows who his base is and he knows what they want and most importantly, he knows how to give it to them.

He has come out for Gay Marriage and by doing so not only secured the gay vote, which he already had, but he also motivated gay people. Gays will be very motivated in November for the first president who has openly endorsed same-sex marriage.  We’re very motivated when we understand the potential for gay marriage to become legal federally with an Obama second term.    Read more

2012 Presidential Election a “War of Words” or Lies

June 18, 2012 by fidlerten

With public relations of any kind, words can carry great weight to influence positive or negative reactions out of people; presidential campaigns are no different. Putting the right “spin” on whatever a presidential candidate’s position is, can be very critical in winning the majority’s approval or disapproval.

Any election rides on what I call a “war of words” between any two rival candidates, though those words are expressed through political ads or by speeches on the campaign trail. The winner of any “war on words” wins the election.    Read more

O'Donnell States it Plain [EvolutionBlog]

May 17, 2012 by ScienceBlogs

When MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann and replaced him with Lawrence O'Donnell, I was a bit annoyed. But now that Olbermann had crashed and burned over at Current TV, and O'Donnell has turned into a pretty effective pundit, I have changed my mind. For an example of why I like O'Donnell so much, consider this depressingly accurate tirade about the Newsweek cover with the headline, “The First Gay President.”    Read more

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