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Mormon Bishop Posing As Homeless Man Rebuffed by Congregation


A bishop in a Mormon church outside Salt Lake City has shined a light on the hypocrisy and selfishness of members of his church by dressing as a homeless man and gauging their reactions to him. David Musselman had a...More


Religion and Elections


Back in December, 2010 a Gallup Poll revealed that approximately 40% of Americans believe that god created man exactly as we are now about 10,000 years ago. Literally. Not as a fable. Not as allegory. Literally. Another 38% accept that...More


The Judgment of Christians and a Gay Teen’s Silence


Growing up in a Christian home may have its benefits, especially if it’s a loving home with parents who are good people and love their God and their children. There are also children who grow up in very conservative so-called...More


While the Marriage War Goes On...


So it was last Sunday morning and the "news" shows and respected journalists were yammering about whether or not coming out for same sex marriage will help or hurt Obama’s re-election efforts. "Sixty percent of those polled indicate his stance...More


The 21st Century Fox

On the American cable channel Fox Business an inexplicable whooshing nose accompanies graphics resembling the opening titles of robot wars as a gray middle-aged presenter introduces his boss live on air. “Chairman thanks very much for joining us we appreciate...More