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Defending the One Percent


It seems puzzling that Harvard University would grant tenure, let alone appoint someone to be the chairman of its economics department, who fundamentally doesn't believe in economics. But there it is, all spelled out in a much talked about new...More


Election 2014: Democrats, Get to Work or Face Chance of Losing Senate


We supporters of Barack Obama just won a major election and we are all feeling confident. We should, Obama definitely won a mandate when it comes to raising taxes on the rich, along with passing a comprehensive immigration policy. Then...More




As many might remember in July of this year we released the results of our presidential electoral model to predict the results of the 2012 election. As opposed to many predictive models out there (Nate Silver's 538 blog being the...More


Love Moves this Nation Forward


When President Obama gave his final call to volunteers Tuesday, my kids and I were of the thousands of people listening. Piped in through my laptop, the brief speech was experienced at my house in the kitchen, where I was...More


Many Republicans Having Difficult Time with Election Loss


Losing an election can be a very bitter pill to swallow. Some Republicans are refusing to accept their loss and instead have begun beating the war drums of vengeance, promising to fight against not only the election results, but against...More


Gen. David Petraeus: The GOP Superman


Gen. David Petraeus’s sudden resignation as CIA director on Friday is shocking, but what is more shocking is how the GOP and the media is handling this issues. Not they are wondering if his resignation is apart of some sort...More


Did Mitt Romney Really Think He Was Going To Win?


I have been going back and forth on this question. And now that Taegan Goddard, author and former policy advisor has published the above screen shot of Mitt Romney's Presidential Transition Website. I think Mitt and his entire campaign did...More


Governor Chris Christie Gives Obama Praise, and Deserves Praise Himself


I must confess: I have not liked the New Jersey governor because of his consistent rudeness. However, he has just moved up the scale as a politician and especially as a Republican politician, thanks to his remarks made over the...More


When Getting Lumped Beats Being Trumped


With "horses and bayonets" Mitt started a weak week, spending half the final debate getting trounced and half agreeing with the man doing the trouncing. Then Murdouck made Mitt's week much worse, saying pregnancy from rape is what God's intended...More


Last 2012 Presidential Debate Shows Obama Strong, Romney Holding Tight – To Obama’s Positions

I for one am glad that debate season is over and we can move on to the Election. We partisans, from both sides were hoping for a big win for our candidate but neither side got what they wanted. I...More