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Transvaginal ultrasound now being legislated in Idaho [denialism blog]


In the continual spread of assaults on women's reproductive freedom in the wake of the 2010 tea party movement, another state, Idaho, is legislating women receive unnecessary and invasive medical procedures prior to obtaining abortion. This is part of an...More


Demanding women deliver dead babies is unethical and unsafe [denialism blog]


In a debate on the floor of the Georgia State house over a bill to force women to bring all pregnancies after 20 weeks to term , even in cases of dead or non-viable fetus, this Georgia representative reaches a...More


Virginia Ultrasound Bill Back from Dead [denialism blog]


Turns out I gave Virginia governor McDonnell too much credit after he rejected the VA ultrasound bill on the grounds the state should insert itself into medical decisions. He's gone and flip-flopped as a slightly revised version of the bill...More


Forcing Doctors to Perform Unnecessary Medical Procedures is Unethical and Unlawful [denialism blog]


Many bloggers and commentators have expressed outrage over the decision by Virginia to require ultrasound examination, possibly transvaginal ultrasound, prior to women obtaining an abortion. From Bill Maher to Dahlia Lithwick people are outraged and have even suggested that it...More