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Shoot First, Ask No Important Questions Later: Part II


Last week, merely hours before the Colorado movie theatre shooting, we here at Upside Downtrodden discussed the McDonald's massacre from 1984 on our Facebook page. All throughout that day, people had been getting it wrong. People were talking about gun...More

When it comes to not shooting each other at McDonald's, let's do a better McJob.

Shoot First, Ask No Important Questions Later: Part I


On July 18th back in 1984, James Oliver Huberty carried several guns into a busy McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California, and opened fire killing 21 people and injuring 19 others. Although an act such as this is especially abhorrent,...More


Super-Sizing the Law


On the day U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker issued his landmark ruling regarding same-sex marriage in California, I found myself at a McDonald's restaurant listening to a seven year-old boy engaged in spirited debate with the guy behind the counter...More