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Moderate Republicans In Denial


Mickey Edwards steals a page from those early Progressives who believed the cure for democracy was more democracy. Joining a long list of Republican "reformers" who are trying mightily to help the GOP avoid a rendevous with hostile demographics, the...More


It's Politics Stupid!


In May 2009, former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson wrote an important essay in The Atlantic on the origins and implications of the 2008 financial collapse, called "The Quiet Coup." The financial gloom that swept over the US...More


Conservatives: Giving Thanks But Nothing More


While Walmart gives thanks for record profits it doesn't give its workers a living wage, health benefits or basic workplace rights. The right-wing gives thanks for America's strength, but won't give our country needed revenue, or give an inch on...More


It's Labor Day! Honoring Labor! Huh?


March 6, 1930 - thousands demonstrate for unemployment insurance in Union Square and nationwide - led by the communists. Did you think government just gave it to you? Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s Labor Day! End of Summer,...More


“Rich People Have Rights Too” Says Mr Babs


“Rich People Have Rights too.” Says Mr. Babs “ROBIN HOOD”- A Thief? No; fighter for right and justice against the oppression of The Tyrant Usurper Defender of the poor and the rightful wearer of the crown. Hero of the Common...More


Poppa Was a Union Man (for Father's Day)


Danny and Mary in front of our little house - circa 1957. The ghost in the doorway is me. My father was a union man; a member in good standing of the International Hod Carriers, Building and Common Laborers Union...More


A Ten Point Pledge to Workers from Lawmakers


The organization “Americans for Tax Reform” founded by Grover Norquist is well known for its anti-tax pledge which most Republican lawmakers and candidates for president have signed. The pledge binds those who sign it not to raise taxes for any...More


An Old Man's View of the Mommy Wars


More than half a century ago (yikes!) I got my first job on Wall Street. I was still a teen and would go to college later. I noticed something right away. There were no women on Wall Street. Well, ok,...More