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Why The U.S. Needs To Let the Israeli's and Palestinian's Solve Their Own Crisis


We live under the false notion in the United States that if we just assert ourselves into the situation we can control the out come. This notion isn't new, we can look at Egypt as a classic case of national...More

Black September, September 1972

Munich, 1972: Black September had neo-Nazi helpers


IT WOULD HAVE BEEN the crime of the century if there just weren’t so many others to compete with it. In the early hours of September 5, 1972, a group of Palestinian terrorists calling themselves Black September climbed over the...More


Why Israelis Love Iranians [Dean's Corner]


How could Israelis love Iranians? This compelling video points a simple truth: how can you hate someone you don't know? Could this be a game changer? Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post...More