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Has Israel Poisoned The Peace Process?

March 28, 2014 by gawilliams14

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Recently I have been reading about the situation in the Middle East, specifically the Israel/Palestine impasse, and started to wonder what has happened to create such a divisive atmosphere when there was so much hope at different times since the Oslo Accords were signed in the early 1990′s, and also the agreement entered into between Rabin and Arafat in the mid-1990′s. During my reading I asked myself one very important question when it came to the most recent volatility in the peace process: Has Israel poisoned the process? Sadly, while both sides have caused impasses and problems, Israel, under Netanyahu, has severely damaged the process and weakened the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the issues.    Read more

Go Pro Camera Raffle Contest

December 18, 2013 by ssingh

To all current and potential users,

THE POLITICUS would like to announce a raffle contest to win a brand new Go Pro Camera pictured above. How do I enter?    Read more

Spying on Our Friends

October 29, 2013 by Andrew17

Spying on Our Friends

Is our media that naive to think that Germany, England, Israel and other "friendly nations" aren't spying on there great ally the United States? Of course they are and they should be. Spying isn't always about hurting your enemy. It's also about understanding what other governments know so your government can make better policy decisions. And by the way Republicans, this program was started in 2002. So if you want to have a congressional investigation. Go ahead!!

But like I was saying. When governments talk to each-other about a specific issue it's vital to have an understanding of where that other government stands on that issue. And i'm not just talking about there public stance. You need to understand there private stance. The only way you will find out the difference between a governments public and private stance is by, you guessed it. Spying!    Read more

Is Syria in Hot Waters or US?

October 1, 2013 by Khan Jamshaid

1. Syria remained subject to a bloody turmoil for over two years in 21st Century which promised highest civilization in the history of our planet. Over a hundred thousand innocent fellow humans killed and over a million Syrian citizens displaced. United Nations remained a silent spectator throughout the Syrian’s massacre and so are all the Global Heads of the States “The Hon’able Members of UNO”. What a tremendous conspiracy against an elected government and UN recognized sovereign state. Who financed, armed and patronized the Opposition Party of Syria! Who is a threat to Syrian’s integrity and their solidarity! Who promoted Civil War in Syria! Who will own & justify the innocuous blood of one hundred thousand Syrians!    Read more

Diplomacy With Iran: Where We Stand and What To Expect

September 25, 2013 by mfzernin

The UN General Assembly meetings this week offer President Obama a chance to capitalize on recent diplomatic developments with Syria and to extend a hand to new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in the hopes of launching renewed negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. In an op-ed in the Washington Post last week, Rouhani urged other leaders “to respond genuinely to my government’s efforts to engage in constructive dialogue.” It is critical for Obama to show that his administration is willing to answer Iranian concessions with some relief of sanctions that Rouhani can bring to the Iranian people.

Iran is Ready for Talks

A prominent adviser to the Iranian leadership, Amir Mohebbian, explains that Iran’s leaders see the next six months represent the best opportunity to reach an agreement, before campaigning for parliamentary elections begins in March. This is a window the US cannot afford to miss. It is time for the US to offer a reasonable deal that would signal to the Iranian people that the West is willing to work towards a larger agreement.    Read more

Military Intervention In Syria

September 12, 2013 by gawilliams14

In the last few weeks there has been a great deal of debate and controversy over the possibility of retaliatory strikes by the US in Syria. Both sides of the debate have some excellent points, and both sides have some points that are far from realistic appraisals of the situation. But this comment is not about the weaknesses or strengths of either side of the debate. Instead, I would like to offer a short statement as to why I am somewhat puzzled as to the rancor on the entire political debacle.    Read more

Will The Israel, Hamas Cease-Fire Hold

November 21, 2012 by Andrew17


Why The U.S. Needs To Let the Israeli's and Palestinian's Solve Their Own Crisis

November 21, 2012 by Andrew17

We live under the false notion in the United States that if we just assert ourselves into the situation we can control the out come. This notion isn't new, we can look at Egypt as a classic case of national overconfidence. Between the 16th century BC and the 11th century BC, the new kingdom of Egypt, also referred to as the Egyptian Empire is the peak of Egyptian power. While the fall of Egypt was gradual compared to other nations, we all know by 1882 the British occupation began and didn't end until 1953. Like other powerful nations before Egypt, Egypt tried to do too much with limited power, even though at a time they were the most powerful nation in the world    Read more

2012 Presidential Election Shows a Divided America

October 15, 2012 by fidlerten

America has become such a divided nation. Is it because we have unresolvable differences or is it because we have allowed the voices of unreason and prejudice, to overpower the voices of wisdom and truth?

President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are two very different men and they have two very different plans for America. One wants to continue on the same path that has led us down a road of slow but steady growth, and the other wants to cut all our taxes by 20 percent but gives no real details on how he would pay for it, or who would pay for it.    Read more

eHarmony’s Gay Lawsuit

September 30, 2012 by fidlerten

Hello Reader,

Would you like to stop receiving my Two Cents? If so, tell me and your name shall be removed from my mailing list with haste.

Last week, eHarmony, a dating site, was hit with a lawsuit by Eric McKinley for allegedly discriminating against gays, lesbians and transgender. eHarmony did not offer an option for homosexual couples until recently after the settlement, which included a $5,000 payment to McKinley for grief and a one year complimentary membership; they also created a website titled Compatible Partners specifically for homosexual partners.    Read more

U.S. Foreign Policy Should Reflect the Compassion of the American People

September 28, 2012 by fidlerten

It is of course necessary for the U.S. Government, like any government, to do what it can to protect its own interests. However, has not the United States government had policies in the past that was not so much for the interest of the country as a whole, but wealthy interests instead?

For example, the influence that Big Oil has over our elected leaders would lead some to think that perhaps we have had wars in the past because the oil industry was interested in the black gold that existed under the feet of our enemies.    Read more

Romney’s Dangerous Impertinence

September 20, 2012 by Maureen Andrade

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made fifty minutes of impertinent comments in May, and someone with a Smart Phone caught him. Luckily something in that room could be described as “smart.” The red-faced shame Romney should be sporting in the wake of this humiliating blunder isn’t apparent, as he has doubled down on his classist remarks this week.

This latest episode in the implosion of Romney’s campaign begs the question: how dangerous is it to be impertinent?

When Romney went to London for the Olympics this summer, he was insulting of the hosts. His tour of Israel was a mess, after he dissed the Palestinians. So his remarks about the poorer 47% of Americans really weren’t a surprise. Romney is good at being insensitive and buffoonish. If he were a contestant on "America’s Got Talent," his act would be making fun of the judges. It’s his bag.

But what could happen if a dude like this took the reins of the mightiest nation on earth? What would foreign relations look like if our president went on one over-seas trip after another, embarrassing the hosts? How bad could it be, right?    Read more

Why Bain Matters

July 26, 2012 by TheVagabond

We have had 30 years of what has turned out to be horrible economic policy. All of the facts, when reviewed, will show that the system is failing the majority of Americans. But instead of admitting that failure, we are told that we need to double down. We have not been faithful enough to the system. We were bad capitalists who strayed into the arms of government hooch. Coming to save us is businessman, Mitt Romney. He has made his very profitable career with Bain Capital. Bain Capital specializes in private equity and venture capital. Mitt Romney is a man of the finance world. He has made decisions on a level of business that you or I could never begin to imagine. Mitt Romney has repeatedly touted his business experience as an asset towards reviving the U.S. economy.    Read more

Eternal Egypt

June 21, 2012 by toritto1942

Day before yesterday the Egyptian military granted itself sweeping powers and dissolved the parliament dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Should we be surprised?

Those who believed that "democracy" would rise from Tahir Square got to hold elections.

The "liberal" favorite of most of the young, Hamdeen Sabahi, came in third and was eliminated from the run-off election which turned out to be between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military’s choice. The liberals stayed home as they had no one for whom to vote. They never had enough votes anyway.

With the likely victory going to the Brotherhood candidate, the military stepped in and essentially voided the election posing as guardians of the secular state.    Read more

Munich, 1972: Black September had neo-Nazi helpers

June 18, 2012 by Eye_on_Europe

Black September, September 1972

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN the crime of the century if there just weren’t so many others to compete with it. In the early hours of September 5, 1972, a group of Palestinian terrorists calling themselves Black September climbed over the fence surrounding the virtually unprotected Olympic village in Munich and entered the quarters of the Israeli team. There, claiming vengeance for the Israeli military’s expulsion of Christian Palestinians from the villages of Ikrit and Biram in 1948, they took eleven Israeli hostages in exchange for the freeing of 232 incarcerated Palestinians along with the German terrorists Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof plus the Japanese terrorist Kozo Okamoto.    Read more

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