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Occult Of A Cult Of A Vulture Culture

November 18, 2012 by Upside Downtrodden

It’s Sunday November 18th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones led hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide in the South American country of Guyana. Now, we might be paraphrasing just a bit, but we’re pretty sure there’s a passage in the Bible that reads, “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man…especially one that is instructing you to inject your child with cyanide-laced grape-flavored Flavor Aid soft drink.”

Like crows, maybe that’s why we call a flock of believers a murder. Because all too often (e.g. most wars, witch-hunts, ethnic cleansings, honor killings, human sacrifices, suicide bombings, indigenous peoples annihilation, The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Thirty Years’ War, The Holocaust, Islamic Jihad, 9/11 and The Norwegian Massacre - just to name a few examples), that’s exactly what believers do. We hear it all the time. The people who commit heinous crimes like the ones you’ve mentioned aren’t true believers. They’re false believers. Their perverted versions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, (insert any religion here) aren’t real religions. They’re cults.     Read more

Is Evangelicalism a Cult?

February 21, 2012 by fidlerten

I realize the title of this article may seem a little bit on the baiting side and it’s meant to be.  Mostly because it’s time to put the shoe on the other foot and see how that fits. And, just because Evangelicalism is so popular in America, doesn’t make it right on that aspect alone. If you go to other countries in other parts of the world, other religions are more popular, such as in the Middle East. Islam is most popular in some countries and even Hinduism in others or Buddhism in even other more Eastern countries. Evangelicalism is popular here but it isn’t in most other countries.    Read more

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