High school


God in the Classroom

Two weeks into my sophomore year in university I decided to meet up with an old friend from freshman year.

Six Steps for Tea Party Addicts

Following the immeasurably unpopular government shut-down, the Tea Party is losing ground fast.

Money Madness: Why and How College Athletes Should be Paid

Free markets and college football. Deeply embedded into the sociocultural fabric of American life, these two time-honored traditions are incompatible.

The Constitution in my pocket

Nearly every day since my sophomore year of high school, I have carried a U.S. Constitution in my left-hand pocket whenever I go out. People often ask me why.

Fourth grade inmates and the Republican Party

If you read at an average pace, it will take you four minutes to finish this column. By the time you’re done, approximately nine U.S. students will have dropped out of high school.

God Colors Outside The Lines

The subject of Father Scott's homily on Sunday was "tunnel vision," something our local parish priest knows a lot about since it was not until he was in his twenties and well out of high school tha

An Old White Lady's Thoughts on Race

My first memory of any recognition of race was the day I brought my new friend home for lunch.
Know Your District- Love Your District

Know Your District- Love Your District

Last week, I drove up to my state’s capital, Olympia, to lobby on Arts & Heritage Day.

NRA Response to Sandy Hook is of Course: More Guns

If anyone said the solution to drunk driving was more alcohol, we would all think they were nuts.

Your Child is Gay: Oh What Now!

I know a police officer who is very socially conservative. He’s a Baptist who believes that homosexuality is wrong, as most evangelical do, if not all.