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Healthcare reform in the United States



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No, Virginia, cancer care in Europe doesn't suck, contrary to what a recent paper implies [Respectful Insolence]


The U.S. is widely known to have the highest health care expenditures per capita in the world, and not just by a little , but by a lot. I'm not going to go into the reasons for this so much,...More


Bad news for the Affordable Care Act [denialism blog]


The NYTimes reporting suggests a 5-4 split against ACA is likely: Justice Kennedy, along with Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. all asked questions suggesting that they had a problem with...More


More Evidence that Universal Health Care Would be Less Expensive [denialism blog]

We've written quite a bit about single payer health care systems as well as other models that are a mixture of public and private spending.More