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Me at Minnesota Progressive Project [Greg Laden's Blog]

Starting now, I will be writing blog post now and then at Minnesota Progressive Project. I'll be focusing on the intersection of science and politics, the politics of science, and now and then I'l rant wildly about something random.


Jan Brewer Flips Off Arizona Uteruses – Bans Public Funding for Planned Parenthood

“No more free rides for uteruses in MY state!” cried Governor Brewer, as she signed off on a bill that would end most public funding to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.


Update on California bill AB 2109: It moves on despite the antivaccine movement [Respectful Insolence]

It just occurred to me that, even though there was news about it, I never mentioned what's happened recently with respect to California bill AB2109.


ObamaCare...the Others Don't

Conservatives go to the High Court with the low goal
of making it harder for Americans to get healthcare,
yet while they threaten to undo Obama's achievement,
the President's own national poll numbers rise.