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African-American Ministers Encouraging Congregants to Stay Home Election Day

September 19, 2012 by fidlerten

President Obama’s Support for Gay Marriage Should Not Give Black Religious Leaders Reason to Abandon the First African-American President

Being a gay man and a firm supporter of our president, Barack Obama, I have a strong opinion concerning same-sex marriage.  Though will never marry, I certainly support my younger gay brothers and sisters in their pursuit of the same happiness everyone else is entitled.    Read more

Pelosi's Lucky Purple Pumps

June 28, 2012 by Maureen Andrade

National Public Radio reported this morning Rep. Nancy Pelosi is wearing her lucky purple pumps today: the same ones she wore the day the Affordable Care Act was passed. In recognition of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on the constitutionality of health care reform, her choice of footwear could be the perfect symbol for continuing expansion of health care coverage for all Americans.

As soon as I woke, I hurried to my TV and switched on MSNBC, to find out what the Supreme Court’s verdict on health care reform would be….and I was delighted. Judge Roberts broke with the conservatives on the bench to cast the fifth vote which upheld this legislative achievement. His better angels prevailed…and tens of millions of people will benefit from the basic human right of health care access.    Read more

GOP Boxes itself in on Obama Contraception Compromise

February 12, 2012 by Code Blue Politics

2/12/12 The Catholic Health Association, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and Catholic Charities USA all support President Obama’s compromise on requiring contraception coverage. Yet Republicans appear hell-bent on opposing Obama’s plan to ensure that women receive health care coverage for contraception. Buoyed by the U.S.    Read more

Alabama anti-gay health care legislation proposed by State Representative DuWayne Bridges

November 24, 2009 by pfeifer

While the rest of the nation debates expanding health care coverage, the Alabama legislature will be debating whether to pass anti-gay health care legislation.    Read more

Obama's Popular Plans

May 12, 2009 by THE POLITICUS

Obama's Popular Plans
There’s no doubt about it: President Barack Obama is quite popular with the American public.
Public Opinion Snapshot: Obama Is Popular and So Are His Plans By Ruy Teixeira | May 11, 2009    Read more
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