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What could Brown Do For Us?


Its Wednesday May 8th! Do you know where your Podcast is? On this day in history back in 1858 John Brown held a secret anti-slavery convention in Canada where he and around 50 like-minded individuals adopted an anti slavery constitution...More


Next Generation Learns to Lead


How are leaders made? Is it possible to raise children to become tomorrow's elected officials, or at least active voters? Wondering what my peers and I must do to rear a successful next generation, I’ve come up with one answer:...More


No Wake


We always knew the name Surf Street was dead on. When we were little, a sign that spelled “No Wake” was attached to the telephone pole at the top of the street, for when boats would pass through from Shore...More


Affordable Care Act Brings Joy to Some and Misery to Others


The day that the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, I was expecting the worse and the end of hope for millions like me. After seeing the conservatively controlled court delivered several rulings...More


While the Marriage War Goes On...


So it was last Sunday morning and the "news" shows and respected journalists were yammering about whether or not coming out for same sex marriage will help or hurt Obama’s re-election efforts. "Sixty percent of those polled indicate his stance...More


I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room. A room; veritably dripping with power and authority. The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans. Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes are in harmony with the Constitution. If you...More


Oh Martin’o – Martin’o; Wherefore Art Thou Martin’o ………………………..Malley?


"I have done nothing but in care of thee" Anyone like Shakespeare? I love Shakespeare. How about the Comedies? Great huh? Well in the beautiful State of Maryland; in the country called the United States; We have a political comedy...More


What I Learned From Hanging Out With Creationists [EvolutionBlog]


Truly my career has reached the next phase of its evolution. I have been published at The Huffington Post . Go have a look and let me know what you think! Read the comments on this post...More


Battered Wives and their Children: Walking Away

It may surprise many of us just how many women out there are battered and living with a husband or at least a mate who treats them like garbage and slaves. Some of these women find it difficult to just...More


One Million Moms; Gay Children Need Your Love, Not Your Scorn


I’m sure that the women who belong to the “One Million Moms” group feel in their hearts that they’re doing the right thing; standing up against JC Penny and now Toys ‘R’ Us because of these businesses’ support of gay...More