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Crystal Ball Musings for 2014


What will happen in 2014? Will the Tea Party finally gasp its last breath in the midterm elections? Will the GOP find its conscious? Will President Obama be vindicated in health care reform and other policies and positions? What will...More


Money Madness: Why and How College Athletes Should be Paid


Free markets and college football. Deeply embedded into the sociocultural fabric of American life, these two time-honored traditions are incompatible. Why is scandalous headline after scandalous headline born from the act of receiving compensation for working hard, an act that...More




My most recent thoughts on politicians (I thought I'd already put this up, but must not have) Clowns Every few years we get the chance, stroll down the road, tick another box or two, decide which toad will screw us...More


When A Tornado Isn't The Only Destructive Force


We grieve for those lost in Oklahoma's tragedy, as we did for victims of recent hurricanes and tornadoes, but denial of science keeps us from addressing climate change's role in these unnatural disasters. We commit to helping Oklahoma rebuild but...More


Putting Zen Back Into Citizen


While the NRA pushes a paranoid dystopia, the President proposes common sense steps to calm violence, cool tempers & control guns. The President will propose a pathway to citizenship to give many families a sensible, secure standing, but conservatives want...More


Sandy Hook: The Tragedy That Changed America’s Heart

Nothing since 9/11 has affected so many Americans with so much grief and heartache. The horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut reaches most of us — Democrats and Republicans — deep down and on a personal level; we can only...More


Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown


I posted this after Aurora. Unfortunately it fits again. And so we have another "massacre", this time in Aurora, Colorado, maybe 20 miles from Columbine. Pretty soon we can just start characterizing these barbarities as "incidents". This one is life...More


Cause of Homelessness in America is Diverse


As someone, who was worked for a homeless shelter for over five years and whose job description sometimes meant signing in walk-ins and staffing the phones for referrals, I have met many homeless people. I can tell you that they...More




I don’t know if the rest of y’all have been watching commodities prices lately, but I have, and what I’m seeing is starting to really scare me. A lot. The Great Drought of 2012 hasn’t yet come to a conclusion,...More