fiscal cliff


A Tribe Called Sequester

It’s Thursday February 28th! Do you know where your podcast is? On this day in history back in 1861, the U.S. Congress created Colorado Territory. They didn’t actually create anything.


Why the Sequester Is Likely to Happen

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about the Congressional sequester cuts going through and shock from some that we have reached this point.


The Voices of America, Which Determine Our Future

Americans most generally have a great sense of pride for their country, because they believe in what it stands for and the principles it was founded on.


A New Year Resolution for a A New Year of Real Solutions

The fiscal cliff was an artificial problem caused by a Congress punting an issue and settled by Congress punting an issue.

When President Obama caved last time, he swore it would truly be the last time, a resolution he re-resolved this time, which will last until he caves next time.


Post-Identity Politics: Emergence of the Problem-Solvers

Watching the House vote on the Senate’s bill to avoid the fiscal cliff last night, I was struck by how relieving it can be to watch our leaders to their jobs. When the votes were tallied, we saw forward movement, with Reps. Boehner and Paul voting in favor of the necessary legislation.


Congress Avoids Fiscal Cliff – Now the Debt Ceiling

Though it took going past the deadline into the New Year, the United States Congress managed to settle on a deal that raises taxes on the wealthiest A


We Have Bigger Problems Than The Mayans

The end of the world came and went and instead of a Mayan apocalypse, we saw the NRA proposing its own.

The Christmas holiday came and went and instead of creating peace on earth, we scuttled Santa's sleigh with drone strikes.


Congress: The Truth Hurts

Merry Christmas Congress- you failed again. Unable to come up with a deal to avoid a possible fiscal cliff, or the enactment of a toxic compromise, you go home to your families and constituents empty-handed.


Taxes and Guns!! What a Day!!

What a great day!!

First of all we watched the spectacle of the GOP openly revolting against Speaker Boehner’s ludicrous "Plan B" stunt.


Medicare Age Requirement Should Go Down, Not Up

Recently there has been talk by Republican lawmakers and the media about a deal to help solve the Fiscal Cliff issue and they think that Medicare’s age requirement s