Full Faith and Credit vs Fool's Faith Discredited

The nation lost billions of dollars, the GOP lost national respect & the government lost more of the public's faith while Ted Cruz grew his email list.

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A Quick, Liberal Survey

I'm Justin Krebs, one of the founders of Drinking Liberally, and I'm writing a book about what we liberals want for our communities, our country and our future. Your answers to the questions below may help shape certain parts of book.


Democratic Defiance Between Violence and Silence

We're scared of the rise of religious radicals in Egypt but our own states are passing sweeping new laws to control women's bodies, health and choices.


Three #OpenGov Events This Week

Busy #opengov week here in NYC. I’m pleased to be attending the following events on behalf of PPF:


War and Conscription

"Few probably recall the name Dwight Elliott Stone. But even if his name has faded from the national memory, the man remains historically significant.


OC at Transparency Camp 2013

This weekend in D.C. – it’s the “un-conference” of the year for #opengov heads & civic engagement developers.


Help - Before 5pm ET Today

Update, Friday March 29th: This “feedback” phase of the Knight NewsChallenge ends at 5pm ET today, so please help now. Let’s bring We The People style petitions to every U.S. city government for accountability and engagement.


Vote for our Knight NewsChallenge proposal:

Our tiny non-profit team was plainly excited when we heard that the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge had an