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Mid-term voting

I am sorry, but, I don't get it. Why would Democrats sit out the special election in FL#13 and not elect Alex Sink? There was only a 39% voter turnout and nearly 9000 voted for the Libertarian candidate. Jolly only won by 2 points.


Moderate Republicans In Denial

Mickey Edwards steals a page from those early Progressives who believed the cure for democracy was more democracy.


Tangled Up In Blue: Values Vs. Politics

Can Conservatives and Moderates get along? Could a Liberal be friends with a Republican? Is inter-political party love possible? Of course- these things happen every day. But if relationships are built on common values, how is this possible?


America’s First Gay President: Coming Out Sometime in the Future

This may seem farfetched at this time in our history but I assure you, America will someday have an out-of-the-closet and into your hearts, gay president.


Senate Filibusters Should Have a Strong Defense

When a senator or senators from our United States Senate decide to oppose a bill from being voted on by blocking it with a filibuster, then that senator or senators shou


The Republican Party Sees Conspiracy Theories

I find it fascinating but frightening that the GOP is falling so far out of step with average Americans, that it now resorts to underhanded legislation, not meant for the good of the people they serve but to overcome the voters’ will at the polls.


Obama Economy Working: Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8 Percent

Patience; this is what I have been recommending all along. The economy has been improving for a while now, the stock market has recovered and making money, and now Americans are going back to work.


The Multinational Takeover of American Elections

Mitt Romney’s  overseas trip has been fodder for the press and media as quite a source of humor and more example of fumbling and mumbling we have seen from the candidate since the primary season kicked off.   Something that has been noted is that his trip was in reality a visit with potential don


Why Bain Matters

We have had 30 years of what has turned out to be horrible economic policy. All of the facts, when reviewed, will show that the system is failing the majority of Americans. But instead of admitting that failure, we are told that we need to double down.


Evil, Rich People Don’t Have Rights

Rich people may be evil but they have rights