Dick Cheney


The Yanks Aren't Coming; They're in Sensitvity Training

I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. Then I watched him force Navy Seals into Sensitivity Training and send them from Iraq to Bosnia on a bunch of pocket wars that made no damned sense at all.

Bead-Reader #3 Dick Cheney, Go Away!

I know I speak for many when I say these words: Dick Cheney Go Away!

The Politics of Fools, Lies and Deception

Politics is a dirty game. Candidates sling mud at each other and outside well-funded sources fill our airwaves with ads that are anything but honest.

Why no-compromise politics works.

Why are right-wingers winning in the political war they've been waging against everyone else for the past century?  They refuse to compromise.  Oh sure, they earn the scorn of self-proclaimed "pragmatists", those who made a fetish of "compromising" (today's codeword for craven capitulation, or as we used to call it in decades gone by, selling out).  But when you measure it in terms of getting one's political agenda made into normal American policy, the far right has enjoyed tremendous success.

Game Change [EvolutionBlog]

I watched HBO's film Game Change tonight, about the rise and fall of Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential race. It was pretty good! Which is to say that it makes Palin look pretty bad.

A Scoop of Non-Vanilla

Q. Why is the GOP like a Baskin-Robbins franchise? A. Because they're both suckers for the flavor of the week.
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