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Healthcare Survives Supreme Court [Page 3.14]

Chief Justice John Roberts proved himself an independent thinker last month, siding against his fellow conservatives (and Republican appointees) in upholding the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Healthcare Upheld! [denialism blog]

It’s good news that the Supreme Court split 5-4 with Roberts (and not Kennedy?!?)

Is the holocaust denial/climate change denial comparison apt? [denialism blog]

Many of the climate change denialist sites have been up in arms by comparisons of climate change denial to holocaust denial.

The Bigger Pink Slime Problem for Business [denialism blog]

In a matter of weeks, activists have been able to assassinate a popular product through a confluence of events: an official labeled it derogatorily as "pink slime," social media buzz (or anti-buzz)

Ron Paul & Clicktivism [denialism blog]

The point raised by yesterday's Times article on Ron Paul was that while Paul attracts